Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Runes of Magic - A free fantasy MMORPG like WoW

Runes of Magic is a nice MMORPG from Gameforge, inspired from the Blizzard colossus World of Warcraft, but with a basic difference, is free.

(need registration and client download)

In the world of Taborea you can walk or ride along vast regions with beautiful and detailed graphics, you can choose to play alone, with your friends or with complete strangers in orther to complete harder quests end get better rewards.

Once reached lv. 10 you can choose a second class, and At Level 20 a third. And each combination give you different and unique elite skills(up to 10 at max level), for example if you choose the the Knight/Priest combination you get different skills than from the Priest/Knight one.

A cool aspect of Runes of Magic which miss in wow is the collectable card sistem, every card will give you a small improve on your hero stats. To collect them you just have to slain monsters and hope they drop their card.
You can also obtain magical pets, to accompany your hero in the Taborea world. They can also participate in combat under certain conditions regarding the pet statistics. Pets are obtained by using traps to catch a Magic Cavy which are sometimes dropped after defeating an enemy monster. After catching the Magic Cavy, you will get a Pet Egg, from which you can summon the pet.

Join the game and let the battle begin.