Saturday, November 16, 2013

Forge Of Empires - Real time strategy browser game

Forge of Empires, the new 3D strategy game form InnogamesForge of Empires is one of the most recent online real-time strategy browser game, in 3D graphics.


On Forge of Empires you will manage your settlement from the Stone Age to improve it through the centuries , building typical structures and camps at each epoch. To gain advantage over your opponents you will need to have good management skills , economic, military, strategic and eaven political.

You'll have to study from time to time all the innovative technologies brought with the new historical periods, and exploit them in buildings , military, in the collection of resources and in everything that will allow you to transform your small village into a modern metropolis equipped with all services.

You will need to expand your empire through military campaigns and sophisticated strategic agreements. To expand your borders you can in fact use your diplomatic skills or cunning tactics of war to invade and conquer other peoples riches, which, along with the money collected through taxes will allow you finance new buildings and expand your army.

On the battlefields of Forge of Empires you can face the computer AI or other players in turn-based battles in a portion of land divided by areas. This way you can take part in exciting tactics challenges, using the particular units and exploiting the characteristics of different soils.