Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tribal Wars, Social Tribes in a Strategy Browser Game

Tribal Wars is a real-time strategy browser game, set in the Middle Ages, in which you will have to lead to the glory a small village until it becomes an Empire. Your success will depend on how you will use resources, manpower and troops to expand yourself and overwhelm your enemies raiding, destroying or capturing their settlements.


In this free-to-play MMOG of InnoGames there are several worlds, separated from one another, a single one for each server, all with their particular speed of the world (ie how fast it performs each action) and their different speed of troops (which defines the velocity of the moving unit). Each world has 100 continents with a variable number of villages.

With the increase of buildings, production and trade will also increase the number of the people, therefore, to meet the living space of your citizens, reached the maximum size, you will need to conquer other villages. According to the majesty of your possessions, Tribal Wars will award some points for climbing the rankings of the players and get glory and power.

The fights are based on the statistics of the troops and on the waiting times in real time.
To attack an opponent, as well as use your units, you can hire the Nobles, which lower the loyalty of enemy villages till conquer them and become their rulers.
To defend your kingdom and those of your allies you can avail of the Paladin, unique and powerful warrior that you can equip with various objects that you will find throughout the game.

The greatest peculiarity of Tribal Wars consists in the tribes: in fact, you can become a part of these coalitions, hierarchically administered by privileged users, for protection and guidance. Through the tribes you can establish alliances, non-aggression pacts (NAP), declarations of war against other tribes or send our army to defend the territories of your friends. They have their own personal forum and, thanks to the internal messaging system, you can also establish private pacts with individual players.

Another noteworthy feature of Tribal Wars is the factor of the moral of troops: being in percentage related to the offensive ability of the troops, in case of a very strong player attacks an extremely weaker, in the future fights will find itself disadvantaged by a percentage of moral halved. This mode reduces the difference in level of growth velocity between experts and novices player that is often found in these strategy games.

Tribal Wars, to conclude, has a very marked social component that is able to give real meaning to the strategy of alliances and cooperation between the players, so I can only wish you to...