Friday, September 13, 2013

Drakensang Online Release 108 New Quests!!

Myrdosch has been expanded with new quests, and Drakensang has been improved in many other ways.

For example, the probability of receiving the gem box has been considerably increased and as a consequence will be easier to find big gems compared to small ones.
In addition, an error in matchmaking, which led to unfair clashes when in a group there are many strong players, has been resolved.

List of bugs that have been fixed:

-Using the silver Essence or the silver power spell you can cause damage to werewolves in Varholm when the moon is full.

-The Lancers in the Suvius volcano now they have again their difernsive skills as the blocking shield, the regeneration of life, etc..

-The amulet of enlightenment now can be improved by up to 5 ouches.

-The raise of the number of hit points of the Dragonknights from level 40 to 41 has been reduced to 100.

-The fact that, in some cases, was given too high value to some characters, has been corrected.

-The graphics of the combiner of the jewels was renewed.

-The Breath of Fire of Frygon has been implemented, and now has a visual effect.

-The icons of the objects of Ranger of level 43-45 have been changed.

Some other minor changes that have not been shown here are presented to you on the official blog.

Have fun with the Browser Game Drakensang Online