Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Runes of Magic - A free fantasy MMORPG like WoW

Runes of Magic is a nice MMORPG from Gameforge, inspired from the Blizzard colossus World of Warcraft, but with a basic difference, is free.

(need registration and client download)

In the world of Taborea you can walk or ride along vast regions with beautiful and detailed graphics, you can choose to play alone, with your friends or with complete strangers in orther to complete harder quests end get better rewards.

Once reached lv. 10 you can choose a second class, and At Level 20 a third. And each combination give you different and unique elite skills(up to 10 at max level), for example if you choose the the Knight/Priest combination you get different skills than from the Priest/Knight one.

A cool aspect of Runes of Magic which miss in wow is the collectable card sistem, every card will give you a small improve on your hero stats. To collect them you just have to slain monsters and hope they drop their card.
You can also obtain magical pets, to accompany your hero in the Taborea world. They can also participate in combat under certain conditions regarding the pet statistics. Pets are obtained by using traps to catch a Magic Cavy which are sometimes dropped after defeating an enemy monster. After catching the Magic Cavy, you will get a Pet Egg, from which you can summon the pet.

Join the game and let the battle begin.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dofus - Download the funniest MMORPG free-to-play

Dofus is a role playing game, created by Ankama Games, with tens of millions of gamers around the world. Its success is due to several factors, like its unique turn-based tactical combat system and the irresistible sympathy and cynical humor of the game.


Its programmers have chosen to adopt for this little masterpiece a 2D graphics (with colorful fantasy landscapes) inspired by the world of Japanese manga , with many funny characters that will make you feel like inside an interactive cartoon.

You can choose between 24 different characters divided into 12 classes , each one with its own set of spells and with its unique features and details. Once you've decided who you will impersonate jour jurney to level 200 start.

During your adventure you'll meet hundreds of NPC managed by the computer, that will give you quests and rewards to gear up your charter, and prove your strength in PvP mode.

Another thing to do is to choose 3 from up to 22 different professions to teach your character, 5 will allow you to collect better materials and the other 17 will make you able to create unique things, and each one can be improved from level 1 to 100.

If desired, in Dofus you can take a little pet with you in all of your quests: he will help you increasing your stats or mooving faster on the map in return of some food and care.

Dofus give its users a system of continuous updates with new missions, maps, objects, features, extensions, bug fixes and graphical improvements: month after month, they will keep your interest intact over the time. So, I can only wish you to...


Thursday, November 28, 2013

MMO Air Combat Simulation Game - War Thunder free-to-play

War Thunder is a free to play MMOG of air combat simulation, developed by Gaijin Entertainment software company, and set during the Second World War. Officially entered in Beta test a year ago, has so far been played by more than five million players and records over 80.000 daily access.


So aircraft, warships and tracked are the Russian response to the already famous World of Tanks . On War Thunder you will face several war machines in huge battles between 32 players on sea, land and sky in order to guarantee the territorial supremacy. This game is actually aviabile fo PC and Mac but, is currently developing a version for the PlayStation 4 and should be ready before the and of this year.

Each battle, wich average duration is around 25 minutes, sees on the field up to 32 armored vehicles in action, divided equally into two opposing teams, and each campaign includes a series of dynamic objectives, like thanks, warplains, warships, supplies or the opponent mother airplain.

A complete and very realistic war game, so rich in a wide range of models of airplanes and incredibly detailed cockpits, as well as tanks and naval fleets accurate in every detail. In addition, War Thunder features stunning graphics, authentic sound effects and wonderful music.

The flight simulation offer different modes of view:

- Cockpit: is the more realistic view from inside the cabin.
- 3rd person: see the plane from the outside.
- Bombsight: when you aim to trow bombs.
- Gunner: the view from the back turrets of the plane.
- Tracking the bomb: track the bomb or the torpedo to its target.

The damage system is very sophisticated, in War Thunder even a single well-placed shot can cause irreparable damage to your enemy. For example, you can point to the head of the opponents pilots inside their cabins, blow up gas tanks, destroy wings, fuselage and tail, damage mechanisms and critical components of the aircraft, bring structural damage to the plane to the point of compromising aerodynamics and cause a nasty fall.

Technically speaking you'll be faced with a flight simulator graphically amazing and undoubtedly pleasant, suitable for both veterans gamers and those who have not yet experienced the thrill of virtual aerial combact.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Forge Of Empires - Real time strategy browser game

Forge of Empires, the new 3D strategy game form InnogamesForge of Empires is one of the most recent online real-time strategy browser game, in 3D graphics.


On Forge of Empires you will manage your settlement from the Stone Age to improve it through the centuries , building typical structures and camps at each epoch. To gain advantage over your opponents you will need to have good management skills , economic, military, strategic and eaven political.

You'll have to study from time to time all the innovative technologies brought with the new historical periods, and exploit them in buildings , military, in the collection of resources and in everything that will allow you to transform your small village into a modern metropolis equipped with all services.

You will need to expand your empire through military campaigns and sophisticated strategic agreements. To expand your borders you can in fact use your diplomatic skills or cunning tactics of war to invade and conquer other peoples riches, which, along with the money collected through taxes will allow you finance new buildings and expand your army.

On the battlefields of Forge of Empires you can face the computer AI or other players in turn-based battles in a portion of land divided by areas. This way you can take part in exciting tactics challenges, using the particular units and exploiting the characteristics of different soils.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Best Free Strategy Online Browser Games 2013

Welcome on New Browser Games!
Here you can find the best strategy online browser games that you can play with your PC after a quick registration and without any download.

Click on the red title to read the full rewiew or on the image on the right to start play.

Forge of Empires, the new 3D strategy game form InnogamesForge of Empires:
cool real-time strategy browser game in wich you will have to create your settlement from the Stone Age to expand and improve it through the centuries, building typical structures and camps at each epoch. To take over over your opponents you will need to be equipped with good management skills, economic, military and strategic.

Imperia Online, one of the most exciting strategy browser gameImperia Online:
is one of the best strategy browser game, set in a world before the gunpower era, where you have to use all your administrative skill to create your own city and make it prosper, expand the fortresses, form alliances and train your army to raid the cities of other players.

Tribal Wars:
real time strategy browser game set in the Middle Age. You will be the king of a village that you will need to grow and lead to glory and expansion, facing and destroing the opponents you will find on your way, with the help of alliances with other players. Control powerfull Paladins to defend your cityes and with the Nobles conquer your enemy's ones.

Travian the best free strategy game in the worldTravian:
the most played strategy browser game on the web, con tens of millions of players around the world who have already accepted the challenge of this wonderful game. Travian you play as a Gaul, Roman or Teuton and face many adventures to become the greatest strategists and climb the rankings.

MyLands, turn-based free strategy browser gameMyLands:
one of the best real-time strategy browser game available for free online. You can build your kingdom choosing among four races, each with their own exclusive buildings and their units to be deployed in battle. On MyLands you will have to develop more than forty different technologies to be able to challenge the most powerful enemies and get the victory.

Ikariam, the fun strategy online game of set in ancient GreeceIkariam:
is a very funny strategy browser game set in the 1400 BC ancient Greece, where you will have to manage a small city located in one of the many islands that characterize the map of Ikariam. You'll have to completely manage from the standpoint of economic, military and especially commercial, which is indispensable in order to expand your empire.

is the ultimate strategy game. In fact for many years OGame is regarded as one of the best browser game.
In this game you have to manage your own planet, build factories, power plants and laboratories that will allow you to build your fleet, which will be your main source of resources for the improvement of your facilities.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Best Diablo 3 Best Rare and Unic Items ever Found

Best Diablo 3 items ever dropped or crafted worldwide:

The last item you see on the video "Inna's Temperance" is the only perfect item dropped on Diablo 3 history wich is of course because that item got only 1 random stat.

But this video miss 1 thing and is the best HellFire Ring ever found.

I have no idea of wich are the chanches to craft something like that must they must pretty low.

Is someone able to calculate the pobability to craft a ring like that?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tribal Wars, Social Tribes in a Strategy Browser Game

Tribal Wars is a real-time strategy browser game, set in the Middle Ages, in which you will have to lead to the glory a small village until it becomes an Empire. Your success will depend on how you will use resources, manpower and troops to expand yourself and overwhelm your enemies raiding, destroying or capturing their settlements.


In this free-to-play MMOG of InnoGames there are several worlds, separated from one another, a single one for each server, all with their particular speed of the world (ie how fast it performs each action) and their different speed of troops (which defines the velocity of the moving unit). Each world has 100 continents with a variable number of villages.

With the increase of buildings, production and trade will also increase the number of the people, therefore, to meet the living space of your citizens, reached the maximum size, you will need to conquer other villages. According to the majesty of your possessions, Tribal Wars will award some points for climbing the rankings of the players and get glory and power.

The fights are based on the statistics of the troops and on the waiting times in real time.
To attack an opponent, as well as use your units, you can hire the Nobles, which lower the loyalty of enemy villages till conquer them and become their rulers.
To defend your kingdom and those of your allies you can avail of the Paladin, unique and powerful warrior that you can equip with various objects that you will find throughout the game.

The greatest peculiarity of Tribal Wars consists in the tribes: in fact, you can become a part of these coalitions, hierarchically administered by privileged users, for protection and guidance. Through the tribes you can establish alliances, non-aggression pacts (NAP), declarations of war against other tribes or send our army to defend the territories of your friends. They have their own personal forum and, thanks to the internal messaging system, you can also establish private pacts with individual players.

Another noteworthy feature of Tribal Wars is the factor of the moral of troops: being in percentage related to the offensive ability of the troops, in case of a very strong player attacks an extremely weaker, in the future fights will find itself disadvantaged by a percentage of moral halved. This mode reduces the difference in level of growth velocity between experts and novices player that is often found in these strategy games.

Tribal Wars, to conclude, has a very marked social component that is able to give real meaning to the strategy of alliances and cooperation between the players, so I can only wish you to...


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Strategy Online Games 2013 for Free

Here is a list of the best strategy online games of 2013 for free!

For a full review click on the red title of the selected game, and to enter immediately on the registration page click on the banner corresponding to the description.

Travian the best free strategy game in the worldTRAVIAN: it is the best strategy online game, where you can turn yourself into a Gaul, a Roman or a Teuton. You will face many adventures and you can send your spies to decide if start a raid to plunder your enemy, if exterminate all the inhabitants, or if conquer the whole territory. You will need to become the greatest strategist of the web!

Imperia Online, one of the most exciting strategy browser games with no downloadIMPERIA ONLINE: it is one of the most popular strategy browser game where you have to use all your administrative and organizational skills to create a medieval empire and make it thrive. To do this you will need to expand the fortresses, collect and accumulate resources, alliances with other players or train your army to raid their countries.

MyLANDS: it is a real time strategy game in a fantasy settings, where technologies play a very important role: in fact, if you do not will develop them properly, it will be very easy for your enemies get the better of you. You can build your kingdom choosing among four races, each with their own exclusive buildings and their units to be deployed in battle.

IKARIAM: is a multiplayer strategy browser game set in ancient Greece, where you must build a city, train an army, collect resources and climb the charts. You will be the chief of a city located in one of the many small islands, which you have to manage entirely from the economic, military and especially commercial point of view.

TRIBAL WARS: real time strategy browser game set in the Middle Age. You will be the king of a village that you will need to grow and lead to glory and expansion, facing and destroing the opponents you will find on your way, with the help of alliances with other players. Control powerfull Paladins to defend your cityes and with the Nobles conquer your enemy's ones.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Free Online Games 2013

Here's the list of the best Free Online Games 2013 where you can spend a lot of exciting days and meet many other online players just like you.

Click on the title of the game to read the full review or on the image to play right away.

Wizard101, the best MMORPG online for children of GameforgeWizard101:
is one of the best MMORPG for all ages where you will find yourself taking on the role of a powerful Wizard or a feared Witch. At the beginning you have to choose your school between that of Ice, Lightning, Earth or others more. The goal of the game is to equip your character as well as possible, take long walks, make hundreds of quests, fight against bosses and many more. This in particular is one of the free online games 2013 more suitable for children and families in general, but if you think you can transform yourself into the most powerful Wizard or Witch, what are you waiting to start and show to everyone who you are?

Drakensang Online, the best online role playing game 2012Drakensang Online:
is one of the best role-playing games, very well cared about scenography, where you will play as a Warrior, a Mage or an Hunter and you will live a wonderful adventure in a world populated by monsters where you must complete hundreds of missions. During this free online game 2013 it will be very important the care that you shall put about your equipment. To facilitate this, each monster that you will kill, will leave you a useful item that you can add to your collection. So, if you like to get in the game and fight, level up and improve your stats, then Drakensang Online is the place for you.

Imperia Online, one of the most exciting strategy browser games with no downloadImperia Online:
is a 3D strategy browser game, set in a world before the discovery of gunpowder, where you have to make tactical decisions to expand your fortresses, form alliances and strengthen your army. Initially you will be required to choose whether to belong to the Nomad or the Imperians, each one with specific tasks. You can manage a maximum of 20 provinces and you will have to take care of your people as well as possible as this will be calculated in real time every minute: if the population is not happy, in fact, you will risk a mass emigration. So if you think you are a great leader and a true strategist, you have just to try to prove it in this free online game 2013!

Pirate storm, the new online game of BattleshipPirate Storm:
is a free MMO game 2013 with 3D graphics in a fantasy setting where you will find yourself in command of a pirate ship and you have to travel the length and breadth of the seven seas fighting with hundreds of enemies and monsters. You'll have to try to equip your ship at the best with the most powerful weapons, the best types of sails and much more, in order to be able to deal the many assignments that will be assigned inside the tavern in the harbor. So if you think that in your veins flows the blood of a pirate and you really love surf for long periods, you have just to get this game and start the battle for the supremacy in the seas of Pirate Storm.

Travian the best free strategy game in the worldTravian:
is one of the best strategy browser game in Europe where you have to choose whether to belong to the faction of the Gauls, the Romans or the Teutons. At the beginning of your adventure you will have in your village some stores, barracks, academy, collection points with the grain that you will use to feed your army and collections of iron, wood and clay that you will use to build buildings and increase your mines. You will have your spies that you will use to plan your raid, or the destruction of another village or conquer it. In fact you can manage many cities on Travian. In conclusion, I say that if you think you are a great strategist and you want to conquer the whole world, you just have to do thet and show it on Travian.


Drakensang Online Release 108 New Quests!!

Myrdosch has been expanded with new quests, and Drakensang has been improved in many other ways.

For example, the probability of receiving the gem box has been considerably increased and as a consequence will be easier to find big gems compared to small ones.
In addition, an error in matchmaking, which led to unfair clashes when in a group there are many strong players, has been resolved.

List of bugs that have been fixed:

-Using the silver Essence or the silver power spell you can cause damage to werewolves in Varholm when the moon is full.

-The Lancers in the Suvius volcano now they have again their difernsive skills as the blocking shield, the regeneration of life, etc..

-The amulet of enlightenment now can be improved by up to 5 ouches.

-The raise of the number of hit points of the Dragonknights from level 40 to 41 has been reduced to 100.

-The fact that, in some cases, was given too high value to some characters, has been corrected.

-The graphics of the combiner of the jewels was renewed.

-The Breath of Fire of Frygon has been implemented, and now has a visual effect.

-The icons of the objects of Ranger of level 43-45 have been changed.

Some other minor changes that have not been shown here are presented to you on the official blog.

Have fun with the Browser Game Drakensang Online