Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Imperia Online - Strategy MMORPG Register

Imperia Online is a multiplayer strategy browser game (MMORPG) that requires no installation and is completely free. In its latest version the graphics is in 3D and is completely translated in English, including the tutorial.


In Imperia Online everything is like in real life: you're online or not, your empire expands and produces resources and everything you do is in real time. For example, even the combat system is not based on shifts, and the various types of military units require several hours to be trained.

The first thing to do, and also the most important (because it can not be changed until the end of the era), is which race to join. If you decide to become a Nomad will need to be a fearsome warrior who wins and dominates the other with the strength of his army, but if you choose to be a Imperian, you will need to develop an efficient economic, defensive and productive intelligence.
After the creation of your account at Imperia Online, you will become immediately the leader of a village within a colonized province. You'll start with a small plot of land and you can build various buildings as you will earn money and gather materials. Your goal will be to turn it into a real medieval empire, and to get it you must collect and accumulate resources, undertake war alone or with allies, colonize other provinces, following the markets, strengthen your defenses, organize alliances with other players , and everything you would do if you were a true feudal lord!

The advancement system of Imperia Online is based primarily on the passage of time. On fixed dates some new residents come within your borders, which you can provide jobs of your choice, increasing the productivity of the entire village. Also, if you decide to levy taxes on the population, you can fill the coffers and invest on the broader aspects, economic and structural. But be careful: too high taxes may create discontent, angering citizens, who at that point would not do more their duty.
The moral of the population, in fact, plays a key role, therefore, be important to accommodate the wishes of your people to make them happy by building temples and all those useful infrastructure for leisure or free time in general.
Another main objective is to earn points to get ahead, and this shall be possible by fighting wars against the stronger armies. Obviously by itself would not be easy, but within Imperia Online you will have the opportunity to form alliances with other 4 people. To do this you must have at least 150 points each. One of you will hold the figure of leader, while others will be counselors.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Best Free MMO Games with Registration

The list of the best free MMO games to download directly in your PC.


Drakensang Online: one of the free MMO most played in the world, Drakensang Online is an RPG characterized by action and exploration, where you will face many enemies and complete hundreds of quests. You can choose between 3 different characters and upgrade them as you wish to make them unique.

Pirate Storm: is the new online MMO game of Bigpoint, with a great 3D graphics in a fantasy setting. In Pirate Storm you'll be the captain of a pirate crew ready to do anything to conquer the seven seas.
Each day you will encounter fierce battles against other players' ships and the fearsome sea monsters.

Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama: is a free MMO that will transform you in the administrator of a farm online. The goal is to make it grow and prosper as much as possible. To do this you will need to work the fields, sowing, planting trees and harvest the fruits, raise livestock, trade your products, improve your facilities and compete with other players.

Imperia Online: is one of the most popular MMO online games of strategy, set in an earlier era of gunpowder, in which you must use all your administrative skills to create your own town and make it prosper, expand castles, form alliances and train your army to raid the countries of the other players.

Goalunited: is the best free football browser game at all: challenges every week thousands of managers from every nation, playing friendly matches, cup and league. Play in any web browser without installation. Immediate and innovative graphics combined with a great gameplay.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pirate Storm the Game EN

"Pirate Storm - Death or Glory" is the new fantasy online game by Bigpoint, with a great 3D graphics. Totally marked by action and tactics, in Pirate Storm you will need to command a pirate crew ready to do anything to conquer the seven seas.


Building on the success of Seafight, Pirate Storm will be able to make a fierce competition with its predecessor, having deepened the game mechanics.

Immediately after recording, an easy tutorial walks you through the various goals and functions of the game: how to move around the map, how to deal with enemies along the way, how to strengthen your pirate ship, how to repair it and more.
You will then be taken to the harbor, where you'll acquire more experience, especially coming into contact with the various crews of the other players. You can moor your ship to the shipyard and buy new material to equip it, such as cannons, sails, crew, etc.. In the tavern you will find every available missions, which will help you improve your ranking on Pirate Storm, or you will be rewarded with some very useful pieces of gold to spend later.

Pirate Storm is essentially based on the action: once outside the safe zone, you will begin to sail on anything but quiet seas! Since then the fighting will be daily, and not only against the sea monsters created by the computer, but also towards the ships of the other online players. Everyone, in fact, competing for supremacy in this game of pirates, and with them all you will need to compete, because, if an enemy is attacked from more ships, only to those who inflict the coup de grace will be granted the money and the experience points.
If the fierce competition of Pirate Storm would be too stressful, you just have to go to the Guilds Salon of the port, where you can join other players in a single fleet of ships: to join a good alliance will allow you to be protected in case of need and never find you alone in that vast and dangerous ocean.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Heroes Kingdoms Strategy Ubisoft FREE

I introduce the new Ubisoft's strategy game: it is called "Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms" and can be played for free from any type of browser.


Once you sign in Heroes Kingdoms, a short tutorial will teach you the controls and dynamics.

The graphic quality is inspired by the best browser game of the past, and although it may be a little retro, you'll definitely appreciate the many other features of this fun strategy game.
For example, you immediately have the chance to create heroes and armies to liberate your city and adjacent areas which are infested by monsters.
During the battles you'll get experience points for your heroes, useful resources for the growth of your stronghold and occasionally objects to equip your heroes (which are among the most useful things, but also the hardest to find).
You will need to be careful with your neighbors, that will not always be gentle with you. In this case, have good diplomatic skills can make the difference (usually not difficult to convince others to join with you, or at least to leave you alone).

Then, the amount of buildings to be built, the skills to learn from your heroes, the market, the blacksmithing and much more, will keep you happily occupied for a long time.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Rank Best MMORPG 2012

The rank of the best MMORPG in English to download and play for free on your PC.

To play you simply have to click on the image of the brief description, register (username, password and email) and click on "download client".

Wizard101: is one of the best MMORPG for the whole family.
With Wizard101 you can become a wizard or a witch that you will need to train to become ever more powerful. One of the new aspects of this game is that, during the battles, will not be you to fight hand to hand, but your monster cards, that you can obtain by killing the leaders, or buying them in the shops.

Drakensang Online: the ultimate role-playing game published by Bigpoint.
To play you must load a client of only 7MB, but don't let you fool from its size: if you like games where you have to fight, improve your equipment, complete missions and level up, then Drakensang Online is right for you.

Pirate Storm: is a brand new role-playing game inspired to the famous Seafight. This game requires no download and you can play immediately for free just after a short registration.
On Pirate Storm you will wander around the huge maps, kill monsters, complete quests, level up, upgrade your ship in all respects, and much more.
If you want a game long but very quiet, this should be suitable.

Metin2: could not be missing from this list, being the most played MMORPG in Europe.
On this game there are skills for anything, you can even go fishing. There are thousands of different quests to complete, at the beginning very simple, then more and more difficult, until the last, "Research of Seon-Pyeong2", that only very few were able to pass, because it requires months to be completed.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wizard101 Download Client EN

Wizard101, the new card and magic game of Gameforge.


Click play to watch the new video presentation of Wizard101.
(RECOMMENDED: set the resolution to HD)


Drakensang Online - Client Download

Drakensang Online is one of the best online role-playing games.


Click play to watch the new trailer of Drakensang Online:
(Recommended: change resolution in HD)

Have fun with the best clients game of 2012.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Top Browser Games

Here for you the top of the browser games of 2012.


the new free browser game of Gamforge where you can become a wizard or a witch, in a fantastic 3D world to discover. Before you start downloading this game you must choose which school to join, such as that of ice or fire, poison and death, and many others.

Drakensang Online:
is the last left from Bigpoint's house as "Free to Play", but has already become one of the most played in the world. Inspired to Diablo2, Drakensang is the best role-playing browser game available for free. You can choose between 3 different types of characters, to strengthen them as you like and make them unique.

Battlestar Galactica OnlineBattlestar Galactica:
a fantastic game of interplanetary combat, in which you will become the general of a powerful spaceship combat, with which you play against other players like you in fierce duels. You'll also have hundreds of missions to accomplish, and with the rewards you can upgrade your spaceship.

is the best free football browser game at all: challenges every week thousands of managers from every nation, playing friendly matches, cup and league. Play in any web browser without installation. Immediate and innovative graphics combined with a great gameplay.

is a strategy browser game, where you'll find at the head of a small village in a fantasy world with thousands of other real players. No download, the game is available now. If you love to build cities, build armies and create wars or business with your neighbors, try it, you will not regret.