Monday, April 30, 2012

Farmerama - Build Your Online Farm

Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama is a free browser game, a MMORPG that will turn you into a farmer, so you can manage your own farm.


Inside this, in an almost bucolic atmosphere, you can work the fields, sowing, planting trees and harvest the fruits, raise livestock, trade your products and compete with other players.

At first, in Farmerama, you'll have a farmhouse, a barn, a windmill, a water tank and a manure pit. But to get a wide variety of vegetables, flowers, fruits and animals you will need to demonstrate great tenacity gaining experience points: in fact, a farmer in the early stages is not allowed to grow more complicated plants and animals more profitable.

One of the strengths of Farmerama is the breadth of your land: then you will have to expand it more than it's possible to have more crops to grow and more space for your pets. But everything will depend on your work on earth and on the care that lend to the cattle.

In the city you'll find everything you need to grow your farm:in the market you can trade the products with other players, the post office is used to write messages to other users, the bank is able to improve your financial situation and the viewpoints will find the necessary help to protect your business. In addition, you will find current and important news in the Agricultural Journal, where you can get advice and information on plants and animals.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Runes of Magic Download English

Runes of Magic is a free game online fantasy-style MMORPG type.


In the world of Taborea you can walk or ride along wide regions, more and more beautiful and detailed as you advance in level, as well as caves, mines and dark dungeons, where you will face evil creatures.

Up to level 10 of Runes of Magic you can hone the collecting skills, trying to become a miner, a joiner, a carpenter, an herbalist, a charmer, etc ... Each of these trades will allow you to build by yourself some special items without having to buy directly, but only collecting the necessary materials and making sure that you are in the necessary level to produce them.

In Runes of Magic are only two races, but there are 8 classes: Warrior (Human, Elf), Scout (Human, Elf) Rogue (Human, Elf), Mage (Human, Elf) Priest (Human);
Knight (Human);
Druid (Elf);
Warden (Elf).
Reached level 10 you can also choose a secondary class of interchange with the initial one depending on the time, so you can take advantage from the abilities of both (although the latter can never exceed the level of the main one and they can not be combined simultaneously).

Together with progress in the statistics, the upgrade and change equipment in Runes of Magic is not only rewarding, but I would say an essential asset in PvP and PvE. For help in combat, you may have a pet at your side, to be evoked at any time to send him to the attack of monsters and help you to receives experience points for each killed mob.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

C9 - Continent of the Ninth EN

Continent of Ninth or C9 is the new MMORPG published by Webzen:


C9 is definitely one of the best MMORPG released this year, able to fight on par with Aion.

The most interesting part concerns the dungeon, created in World of Warcraft's style, which are able to capture all types of players right from the start.
The video trailer of C9 - Continent of Ninth (choose HD quality)

There are 3 classes of characters, which can then be divided in 3 more during your adventure.
The skills to be learned are many and substantially different from one character to another, but you can create up to 12 different characters to not miss anything of this wonderful game.
The PvP battles are great and require great skill and knowledge of their abilities. In addition, every fight, win or lose, will earn you tokens that you can spend in the stores.

The equipment is very well structured, objects are divided into old (gray), normal (white), magic (green), rare (blue) and unic (yellow). Each of these equipments can be created through a machine called Crafting Tool.

In short C9 is one of the best free MMORPG in circulation, do not miss the chance to try it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wizard101 Free Download Page

Wizard101 is a free online game in 3D fantasy-style, a role playing game where you can choose if becoming a magician or a witch.


Before the download you will need to become part of the School of Wizard and choose to specialize you on ice, fire, earth, or lightning.
At first, for the choice, you will be guided by a sort of "Merlin" (your mage-tutor of the game) that will ask you specific questions about your style in order to best direct you in creating your character.

In Wizard101 battles are turn based, and based on playing cards, with an arrangement of dozens of different
cards suitable for any type of confrontation.

At the beginning of the game you can count on a given deck, consisting mainly of monster / object cards of our magic school choice.

At every turn we can play monster cards (evoking one ready to attack), or make defensive maneuvers against a certain type of school (obviously also to the monsters who belong there) or even increase the power of the next attack.

Wizard101 is still a strategy game, and like any self-respecting MMORPG there are many missions or quests (which are often fighting against monsters) to be solved to evolve in the game.
A large variety of creatures and spells will allow you to deal daily battles, always different from each other, kicking off fighting between opposing monsters each with its own strengths and weaknesses.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Skyrama EN - Free Online Games 2012

SKYRAMA is a MANAGEMENT online game, to try on your browser for free.


On Skyrama you will manage an entire airport, which, thanks to your administrative skills, will pass from being a small local airport, with one runway and one terminal, to a true international hub.

For expand it you need, of course, to earn Aircoin (the game currency), taking off and landing aircraft, and providing for their maintenance. By flying more people you can unlock new game options, build larger buildings, and buy new airplanes, which, themselves, will allow you to move people and goods in higher volumes.

As a leader, on Skyrama you will need to make smart decisions to please and attract customers. To do this you should first make sure that there are no delays in the sections, that are not lost luggage, and everything you can to please even a real passenger. Then, you will need to provide new services to attract new potential customers, such as, for example, investing in the construction of car parks, storage depots, stations will taxi, bus and transport services, creating Hotels and expanding the Hangar.

Being Skyrama a multiplayer game, will be a valuable aid the co-operation with other online users, exchanging aircraft, passengers, goods and services of various flight. Housing and arming aircraft of other nations, in fact, you will receive experience points, and often you'll find items dropped by tourists.
With the money of the ticket, through time, you can afford different kinds of aircraft, from airliners to cargo for freight, and so expand your business to become the largest, luxurious and coveted of the airports!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Download Drakensang Online - Free Games

Drakensang Online is the new browser game for free of Bigpoint's house.


With a great 3D graphics in a fantasy setting, Drakensang Online will take you, through a dark world populated by vicious creatures, in an exciting adventure, where you will complete hundreds of missions by killing powerful enemies.

Initially you can choose your character from mage, warrior or hunter. Once this decision, you'll have to keep it until the end of the game, so I will give you a brief description of the three:

Dragon Warrior: armed with shield and sword, has a very good score (both offensively and defensively) and good skills, but has no long range attacks.

Magician of the circle: very powerful with the magical abilities, is capable of causing considerable damage with spells of fire, ice and lightning.

Hunter: armed with bow and arrows, is the most flexible of the 3, he can attack from both near and far.

Very important is the care that you will use in enhancing the equipment of your character. Fighting and eliminating the monsters, in fact, you will earn experience points, and you can collect items that will drop when they die, useful for our character or to complete the various missions. When you will climb levels you can equip it with even better weapons and, paying, learn new skills to face the most powerful enemies.
Drakensang Online is a very dynamic RPG based on action and exploration, where you will face many enemies. From the fearsome NPC to various kinds of monsters, without forgetting your opponents online, you'll find daily battles to undertake, either alone or alongside other players, thus increasing your experience points and the skills of your character.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Administration and Managerial Games 2012

Looking for the best online games of directors or management? You are in the right place!

(all games require a brief registration: email, nickname and password)

Goalunited: the football managerial online game par excellence. On Goalunited you will create your own football team and make it up to the most prestigious competitions. To do this you will need to make good purchasing campaigns, strengthening the structures of your stadium, hire the best staff members and especially winning!

Skyrama: on this game you will become the administrator of an airport. The aim is to make it grow as much as possible and bringing together the largest number of international routes on your runways.
To do this you will need to build dozens of different structures, and make sure that your passengers are always happy.

Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama: here you will become the administrator of an online farm. The goal is to make it grow and prosper as much as possible. To do this you will need to buy and sell products, improve your facilities, grow plants and animals and much more.

Imperia Online: it's a game that mixes strategy with the administration, in fact you have to use all your administrative skills to make grow and prosper your city, but at the same time you will need to use your best army to raid other players. (Imperia Online is one of the best games of this field)


Goalunited 2012 the Football Game for Free

Welcome to Goalunited 2012, the latest version of this fantastic management game.


When you register a short tutorial will teach you the basics of this fantastic game.

The goal is to train your players and let them win more games possible, but to do this you have to be VERY careful with the finances of your club.

In fact, the money will allow you not only to recruit new and stronger players, but also to extend a large number of structures, including the stadium.

If you're a football fan and you have not tried yet Goalunited 2012, this is the right time! Have fun.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Free Animal Games Online

The best online pet games to play free on your PC.

(the games require a brief registration email, nikname and password)

Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama: is the most fun online animals game. On Farmerama you have to build your own farm, raising so many different animals, plants, fruit, flowers and vegetables.
In order to grow and to capture new animals, you will need to expand your farm and sell your products.
Farmerama is a game of Bigpoint free and safe from viruses to 100%.

Nostale: it is an amusing online game in which you often do with animals. In fact, from the beginning, you have an animal of your choice that will follow you during all your adventures.
Moreover, in the world of Nostale you will meet hundreds of different animals along the way.
This game requires a quick download and installation of software, but do not worry: it's all very simple and mostly free.

Metin2: is a MMORPG with the aim of making your character as powerful as possible. To do this you will have to wander around the various maps and kill as many animals as possible, but there are many other things you can do to Metin2, like horse riding, fishing, animal care, et cetera.
Ps: this game requires downloading and installing free software.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Free Online Classic Games

The best classic games online, free on your pc, to play directly from the browser without downloading.


OGame: one of the most classic games of strategy and space combat, in which you establish a colony on your home planet, build a fleet, developing dozens of technologies and build many structures.
It sounds easy, but beware: the champions of this game take a lot of tactics articulated.

Play Seafight now!Seafight: Another browser game on the web from many years, although much has changed and improved, remains the classic naval combat game, where to buy new ships and to strengthen them you must destroy pirate ships and sea monsters.
Watch out for more experienced players: they have no qualms about raiding and destroying your ship.

Play Dark OrbitDarkOrbit: In this browser game online you will become the captain of a spaceship with the task of completing hundreds of different missions. To do this you will have to upgrade your spaceship buying new guns, engines, shields etc. .. Obviously this game over the years has improved and is a keeper.

Gladiatus: is a fun game where you become a gladiator and fight against other players like you in the arena. To do this, and be successful, you will need to develop your character at best, both as equipment than as statistics. One feature that has been added in recent years regards the secret, but you will find what they are just playing.

BiteFight the battle between Vampires and Werewolves
BiteFight: another classic game in which vampires and werewolves clash to the death. Even here the most important aspect is the equipment: the objects that compose them can be found during missions, or buy with the money that you'll steal from members of the opposite faction


Saturday, April 7, 2012

World of Tanks Download - War Games

World of Tanks Download - War GamesWorld of Tanks is the new free game of combat with tanks. To play you need to download a client of about 2.5 Gb.


At the beginning of World of Tanks you will need to play 8 missions which will explain the game, in return you will receive excellent upgrades for your vehicle.

The first mission is the easier you will find on this game: you only have to participate in a fight in open field, and no matter the result, because soon you will be destroyed, the mission is won.
The others will have increasing difficulty, and will require more time, but with a little patience you will end up.

The most fun part of this game is about the battles. Every time you start it once, 30 users are divided into 2 teams that will battle on dozens of different maps.

In addition you will have over 100 different tanks to choose from and many different upgrades.

Obviously, to use the best tanks you will need to gain experience and money, but it's worth it.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Simulation Games 2012

Looking for the best free simulation games of 2012? Here's a list of perfect candidates for the title. To see the full review of what most intrigues you click on the title of the game chosen.


Pirate Storm:
is a new free online game on pirates of Bigpoint. A tutorial will explain how to move around the map, how to deal with enemies and battles, such as repair and upgrade your pirate ship and much more.

The new Browser Game of social simulation busiest in Europe. On Smeet you will have the opportunity to pursue all of your passions: from online games to fashion shows, gardening, dance, and everything that your imagination suggests you.

In this fantastic simulation browser game you will have to administer an entire airport. One of the most important will be to attract passengers: you can do so by building parks, taxi ranks, bus stations, storage depots and hotels.

is a multiplayer strategy game set in ancient Greece, where you must build a city, train an army to destroy your enemies, collect resources and climb the ladder of Ikariam.

Imperia Online:
is one of the most popular browser game of strategy, set in an earlier era of gunpowder, in which you must constantly make serious decisions to expand your fortresses, bleed alliances or strengthen your army.

Pirate Storm - New Online Game of Pirates

Pirate Storm is a new free online game on pirates of Bigpoint.

To play click on the image.

After you've registered on Pirate Storm will begin the tutorial, which will explain all the most important aspects of the game: how to move around the map, how to deal with enemies along the way, how to develop your pirate ship, how to repair it and more.

When you've finished the first part of the tutorial you will be brought to the port, where you'll find other things to do. For example, on the shipyard you can moor your ship and equip it with new guns, sails, crew, etc.. In the tavern you will find any dozens of missions available that will help you to improve your ranking on Pirate Storm.
One of the best things about this pirate game is fighting. You will have to compete with hundreds of other players like you to be able to kill the monsters: in fact, only those who give the final blow to the monster or the pirate enemy will receive experience and money.

You'll find hundreds of other fun things to do on Pirate Storm, but I will not spoil the surprise, so I wish you


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Travian the Strategy Browser Game

Travian: The best strategy browser game available for free on the internet.


On Travian you'll find hundreds of things to do, but let's start from the beginning:

The first step will be to develop structures that produce resources and the warehouse, so you have enough raw materials to begin to develop your city.

Another method that, at the beginning of the game, will bring many resources in your speakers is to send your hero to take adventures, which, in addition to recovering raw materials, will find useful items to leverage effectively.

After completing the basic steps you will start the development of your army, which is essential to advance in the game.

If you decide to play Travian you'll find many fun things and spend hours with your PC.