Sunday, October 14, 2012

NosTale - now also available for Google Chrome

Nostale, one of the most fun role-playing games in cartoons styleHere I am again to talk about NosTale, the game in English now famous throughout all Europe, with anime style graphics in a fantasy world.
From today becomes browser game
, so no more long waits to download it!


At the beginning of NosTale you must choose your character and start as a simple adventurer, but after level 20 you'll change your class, choosing from Swordsman, Archer or Mage, each one with different characteristics. However, at level 36 you will have your own special card that you can choose from the 4 existing.

During your adventure you will have to complete hundreds of quests fighting against countless enemies, alone or with other online players. You will need to try to enhance as much as possible your equipment and skills, thanks also to the presence of many quests. Of course there is also the market that it will give you the opportunity to purchase more powerful weapons and armor.

During the game you can catch even the NosMates, animals pet that you can train and equip at the best to help you to fight during missions. Finally you should jump right to belong to a guild already present because, thanks to this, it will be easier and faster to level up in order to fight in PvP against the most powerful players.