Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Here's the list of the most relaxing online games where you can play in relax together with hundreds of other players online!

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Farmerama, the online game of the farmFarmerama:
if you are looking for peace and quiet, Farmerama, the farm's game is the place for you. Your adventure takes place on a farm where your first mission will be to build a field of lettuce, flush it and putting the fertilizer. The second challenge will be to build a chicken coop and do a bit of feed for your chickens. Now that your farm is starting to be productive you can go in town and trade your products and expand your farm.

Gladiatus, the most popular role-playing game in Diablo 2 style of 2012Gladiatus:
is a browser game where you will become a gladiator in ancient Rome. During the game your character will be constantly upgraded in order to overcome the thousands of challenges that you will face, and to do this, you should aim to improve the statistics and equipment. The increase of each statistic will cost you a varied amount of gold and to earn it you have to make shipments, working in the barn, do the merchant or challenge with other players in the arena.

Nostale, one of the most fun role-playing games in cartoons styleNosTale:
is a role-playing game in a fantasy setting with anime style graphics. At the beginning of your adventure you will become part of the world of NosTale as "Adventurer" and after reaching level 15 in combat and 20 in the work you can choose to be a Swordsman, an Archer or a Mage. An important part of NosTale are NosMates, animals that will accompany you during your adventures, and you'll have to equip them at the best with various objects.

Wizard101, the best MMORPG online for children of GameforgeWizard101:
is a MMORPG where you will become a powerful wizard or a feared witch. Initially you have to choose a particular kind of school, such as that of ice, fire, earth or lightning. During your adventure you will have to level up your character, equip it at the best, complete quests, go for long walks, kill the boss and much more. This, in particular is one of the free online games more suitable for children and families in general.

Miramagia the browser game where you can build your own gardenMiramagia:
is a browser game in fantasy style where you have to choose whether to play as a mage, a druid, a shaman or a sorcerer and you have to manage a magical garden growing different species of plants, you can also grow a baby dragon that will accompany you during the various missions . Try to have the most possible care of your garden because during the game there will be beauty contests relating to the gardens and if your will be one of the best you'll get various rewards.