Sunday, September 23, 2012

List of the Best Free Online Games

Here you are the list of the best free online games where you can play with and meet many other online players like you.

Click on the title of the game to read the full review or on the image to play right away.

Drakensang Online, the best online role playing game 2012Drakensang Online:
is a free MMORPG in a fantasy style where you can play as a Dragon's Warrior, as a Circle's Mage or, if you prefer, as a Hunter, anyone with specific skills and weapons. During your adventure you will have to complete hundreds of missions by killing ferocious enemies, from the Boss to the fearsome monsters of various kinds, not to mention other online players. The most important thing will be to strengthen the equipment of your hero and make him earn experience points to level up. So, if you like the games where you have to fight, what are waiting for?

Travian the best free strategy game in the worldTravian:
is the best strategy game where you have to choose which side to join, between Gauls, Teutons and Romans. Your trip will begin in your village shared in 2 parts, one with inside stores, academy and army barracks, and the other with collection points of resources such as corn, which will need to feed the army, iron , wood and clay, that you'll need to build buildings and increase the level of the mines. You will have to take a special care of your villages and your military force because, if you want to be in the faction that will build the Wonder and will win the game, you have to become the best planner.

Pirate storm, the new online game of BattleshipPirate Storm:
is an MMO game in a fantasy setting that will transform you in the captain of a pirate ship with which you will have to navigate through the seven seas. During your adventure you will have to face countless monsters and fight all the battles against the other online players. When the game will start you will be brought to the port where you'll find many things to do: in fact, the most important thing is to level up and upgrade your ship in all aspects, especially the offensive one, for example with more and more powerful cannons.

Goalunited, the free football manager game 2012Goalunited:
is the best free football browser game of Travian Games, where you have to train your players and let them win more matchs as possible, but to do this you have to be very careful with the finances of your club. In fact with the money you can buy new and stronger players and even maximize a large number of facilities, including the stadium. You have also to take care of the sponsors and the fans. If you like football, if you are big fan of it and you have not tried yet Goalunited 2012, this is the right time!

is a strategy online game free to play where, at the beginning, you will receive a small city fortified by walls. You will have to face many missions, at the beginning very simple, then more and more difficult, and at the end of each one you will receive a reward, generally resources but also upgrades and black pearls. During the game, when you will grow up enough to train a military force, you can attack other cities and conquer them. At the end the goal on MyLands will be conquer the entire world.