Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Games like Diablo 3

Here's you have the list of some games like Diablo 3.

Click on the title of the game to read the full review or on the image to play right away.

C9 ONLINE - Continent of the Ninth Seal:
is a 3D action MMORPG, where at the beginning you can choose to play as Fighter, Hunter or Shaman. Each character is characterized by different skills to learn and combos to try, as well as equipment and different weapons very well cared about the realization. During your trip you can visit hundreds of places, fight against countless monsters and you can also deal with other online players on the arenas in each city.

Drakensang Online, the best online role playing game 2012Drakensang Online:
is an RPG with 3D graphics in a fantasy style, where you can choose to play as a Mage, a Warrior or a Hunter. During your adventure you will have to complete hundreds of quests by killing powerful enemies. Very important is the care that you will use in enhancing the equipment of your character, in fact, when you fight and eliminate the monsters, you will earn experience points, and also you can pick the items that they will drop.

Metin2, the online role playing game more played in europeMetin2:
is an online game in fantasy style, where at the beginning you have to choose whether to play as a Warrior, a Ninja, a Shaman or a Sura, each one available in both male and female. During the game you will have to increase your stats as more as you can, improve your inventory and enhance at the best your equipment and skills, in order to join one of the 3 kingdoms, and be able to deal with mythical creatures, wizards and warriors.

4Story, one of the first and most entertaining RPG online of the history4Story:
is an online RPG set in a fantastic 3D world full of monsters, fairies, wizards and thousands of other players just like you. At the beginning you have to choose whether to belong to the race of Humans, or Felines or Fairies, each one with different statistics. During your trip you will take part in the war of kingdoms where you will have to face many other online players.

Nostale, one of the most fun role-playing games in cartoons styleNosTale:
is a MMORPG with a fantasy setting, full of dragons, elves, goblins and strange creatures in an anime style graphics. You will start with the rank of "Adventurer", but at level 15 you can change your class and choose to continue as Swordsman, Archer or Mage. Very important are the NosMates, animals that you can equip at the best to make them useful during the battles. You can also build your house and decorated it according to your tastes.