Saturday, September 1, 2012

Games for Kids

Here there is the list of free online games that have found the most commonly encountered among kids, but with which anyone can spend wonderful days with other players online.

Click on the title of the game to read the full review or on the image to play right away.

Nostale, one of the most fun role-playing games in cartoons styleNosTale:
is a role-playing game in a fantasy setting with Anime-style graphics. You will begin your journey as "Adventurer" but, after reaching level 15 in combat and 20 in the work, you can choose to be a Swordsman, an Archer or a Mage. Throughout the game you will be accompanied by a NosMate, an animal that you should try to equip at the best to use it during hundreds of battles that you will end up fighting.

Farmerama, the online game of the farmFarmerama:
is a MMORPG where you will live in the shoes of a farmer and you have to manage an entire farm. You can work the fields, sowing, planting trees and harvest the fruits, raise livestock, trade your goods into the market inside the city and more and more. You will need to try to extend as much as possible your territories to produce the greatest number of fruits in order to exchange them with other players and enlarge your farm. You will read the newspaper where you can get advice and information about plants and animals.

Wizard101, the best MMORPG online for children of GameforgeWizard101:
is a MMORPG where you will become a powerful Wizard or feared Witch. Initially you have to choose a particular kind of school, such as that of ice, fire, earth or lightning. During your adventure you will have to level up your character, equip it at the best, complete quests, go for long walks, kill the boss and much more. This one in particular is one of the free online games more suitable for children and families in general.

Miramagia the browser game where you can build your own gardenMiramagia:
is a browser game in fantasy style, where you can play as a mage, druid, a shaman or a sorcerer and you have to manage a magical garden growing different species of plants. You will have to take care of your plants that will grow until you will decide to sever, to swap them with other players, to use them as ingredients for spells or to feed the baby dragon that will accompany you throughout your adventure.