Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The List of the Best Multiplayer Games

Here you are the list of the best free multiplayer online games! With these you can have fun with hundreds of other players and share with them all your adventures.

Click on the title of the game to read the full review or on the image to play right away.

Drakensang Online the RPG browser game from BigpointDrakensang Online:
is an RPG with 3D graphics in a fantasy style, where you can choose to play as a mage, a warrior or a hunter. During your adventure you will have to complete hundreds of quests by killing powerful enemies. Very important is the care that you will use in enhancing the equipment of your character. Fighting and eliminating the monsters, in fact, you will earn experience points, and you can pick the items that they will drop.

is a strategy game where you have to choose which side to join, between Gauls, Teutons and Romans. The adventure will begin in your village divided into two areas, one with inside warehouses, barracks and academy, and the other with points of collection resources such as corn, which it will be used to feed the army, iron, wood and clay, that it will help you to construct buildings and raise the level of the mines. During this game you can create your own empire, manage an army and conquer the whole world.

is a MMORPG that will transform you into a powerful wizard or in a feared witch. Initially you have to choose a particular kind of school, such as that of ice, fire, earth or lightning. During your adventure you will have to level up your character, equip it at best, complete quests, go for long walks, kill the boss and much more. You will also be accompanied by a pet, that you have to raise and train with care.

is a football management game where you have to train your players and let them win more matchs as possible, but to do this you have to be very careful with the finances of your club. In fact with the money you can buy new and stronger players and even maximize a large number of facilities, including the stadium. You should also take care of the sponsors and fans. If you are a football fan and you have not tried yet Goalunited 2012, this is the right time!

Pirate Storm the new pirates free online game
Pirate Storm:
is an MMO game inspired by the famous Seafight, in a fantasy style. You will start your adventure as captain of a pirate ship and you'll navigate the seven seas, facing many sea monsters and fighting all the battles against other players online. Very important in this game is to level up and upgrade your ship in all aspects, especially the offensive, for example with more and more powerful cannons.

is a browser game where you will become a gladiator in the ancient Rome. During your adventure your character will be constantly upgraded in order to overcome the thousands of challenges you'll face, and to do this you will improve your stats and your equipment. The increase of each statistic will cost you a varied amount of gold, low at the beginning, but that will gradually increase. To earn gold you must complete shipments, work in the barn, do the merchant or challenge other players in the arena.