Monday, August 13, 2012

List of Free Online RPG

Welcome to New Browser Games!
Today we talk about online role play games: here you will find a list of the best free online RPG on the web.

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Drakensang Online the RPG browser game from Bigpoint

Drakensan Online
is the new free RPG of Bigpoint, set in a dark world, populated by evil creatures, where you can play as a Dragon's Warrior, a circle's Mage or an Hunter and you will face countless missions fighting against thousands of powerful enemies. Here it is very important to upgrade your equipment and you can do it by eliminating the monsters and collecting items that they will leave on the ground when defeated. Going up higher level you can equip your character with better weapons and learn new skills to face the most powerful enemies.

is one of the best RPG for the whole family, where you can play as a wizard or a witch and select your school like that of ice, fire, earth, or lightning. This game is set in very large cities, where you can take long walks and eliminate many Boss, trying to level up your character and better equip him in order to face stronger enemies. During your adventure you will be accompanied by a pet that you have to train and it will help you during the various missions.

is a free online role-playing game action-style, where you can play as a Warrior, a Ninja, a Shaman or a Sura, each one available in both male and female. The aim of Metin2 is to complete as many missions as possible and level up, increasing your statistics and improving your inventory. You will face thousands of missions at the beginning very simple, then more and more difficult, until the last one, the "Research of Seon-Pyeong2", that only very few people were able to complete. On this game there are skills for anything, you can even learn how to fish.

is a free online role-playing game by Gameforge in a fantasy-style, full of monsters, fairies, wizards and thousands of other players. At the beginning you have to choose whether to belong to the race of Humans, Feline or Fairies, each one has special powers and abilities that you will upgrad over your adventure. Wandering in the 3 kingdoms, the aim of the game is to complete hundreds of missions, develop your character stats and skills, improve your equipment, and learn different skills by defeating hundreds of enemies.

is a free online role-playing game in a fantasy-style, full of dragons, elves, goblins, and strange creatures. At the beginning your character does not belong yet to a specific class. Later on you can specialize and undertake a "career" by choosing one of the three available classes: Swordsman, Archer and Mage. An important part of NosTale are the NosMates, animals that accompany your character throughout his adventures. Another interesting factor in the world of NosTale, you can purchase a personal ground where you can build your home.