Saturday, August 18, 2012

Free Games on Google for Girls

Here you are the best Free Online Games for Girls that you can find on Google!

Obviously they are suitable for every kind of player, but nevertheless have a strong response among women, who derive more fun from those in this list than others of a different nature.

TO PLAY CLICK ON THE IMAGE ALONGSIDE THE DESCRIPTION while to get a full review of the game click on the red title.

Farmerama The MMO game of Farming!

is a MMORPG that will turn you into a farmer, giving you the ability to manage your own farm, where you can work the fields, sowing, planting trees and reap the benefits, raise cattle and trade your products. You will also have access to the market where you can sell your products.

is a free RPG for girls on Google where you can play as a wizard or as a witch, where you have to deal with thousands of quests and fight against hundreds of enemies. You will have also an apartment to decorate to your liking and a pet to train and bring it always with you.

Miramagia the browser game where you can build your own gardenMiramagia:
is a browser game in fantasy style, where, as an aspiring magician, druid, shaman or sorcerer, you have to manage a magical garden growing different species of plants. You can also grow a baby dragon that will accompany you during your missions and make you become the most powerful.

is one of the most popular free strategy games for girls on Google, where you will be transported back to ancient Greece. You will find yourself in possession of a city located in one of the many small islands, which you will completely manage under the economic, military and especially commercial points.

is a fantasy MMORPG, set in a world populated by dragons, elves, goblins, and strange creatures. The graphic is in anime style, and your aim will be to enrich your avatar gaining experience points. By your side there will be the NosMates, animals that you can equip at the best to make them useful in battles. You can also build your home and beautify it to your own preference.