Monday, July 30, 2012

Travian, The Best Strategy Game Online

Remember in school when you were talking about the Gauls, the Romans and the Teutons? And surely, when you read their stories, you wanted to be one of them ...
Now, with Travian, one of the most popular strategy browser games in Europe, you can create your own village, manage an army and conquer the whole world.


At the beginning of the game you will have to choose the faction with which start your adventure, and you can choose between the tribes of the Gauls, the Romans, or if you prefer the Teutons.
Whatever will be your choice, the adventure will begin in your village shared in 2 parts, one with inside stores, academy and army barracks, and the other with collection points resources such as corn, which will need to feed the army, iron , wood and clay, that you'll need to build buildings and increase the level of the mines.

On Travian you will face 3 types of battles: the raids, to plunder the resources of the enemy, the one focusing on the total destruction of opponents, or those, much more funny, involving the conquest of the villages of the other players.
To start a battle you must send your spy-warriors into the opponent village and check the number of its soldiers, their characteristics and the type of their defenses in order to plan the attack.

You can also perform the missions for your hero, in which you will be sure to find useful items to put on and various upgrades for all your villages (in fact in Travian you can manage an infinite number of towns).

At the end Travian is a very addictive game and easy to understand, and if you want to be in faction that will build the Wonder and will win the game you have to become the best of planners.