Sunday, July 29, 2012

Miramagia, Online Game of Gardening

Miramagia the browser game where you can build your own garden
Miramagia is a free browser game in fantasy style of Travian Games.


As a magician you have to manage a magical garden planting different species of plants; you have to sow, cure and sell plants, you can also raise a baby dragon that will accompany you during the various missions to become the most powerful magician of Miramagia.

At the beginning of the game you have to choose if play as a mage, a
druid, a shaman or a sorcerer
, and this will determine how you will learn how to do spells.

On Miramagia you have to take care of your plants that will grow until you decide to harvest in order to exchange them with other players. Not only that, they will also be used to make spells and feed the dragon.

In addition, wandering around the city of Miramagia, you will always find the "Wheel of Fortune" and the "Workshop of the Sorcerer". In the last one you can buy magic items and meet different masters of magic that will help you to learn new spells.

Try to take better care as possible of your garden because during the game there are also beauty contests between the gardens and if you prove to be one of the best you will receive various prizes and could be remembered forever thanks to a statue dedicated to you in your village .