Sunday, July 1, 2012

Games where Create and Develop your Character

Here is a list of the best free games where you can create and develop your own character online.

Click on the title of the game to read the full review or on the image to play now.

C9-Continent of the Ninth: it's one of the best MMORPGs of 2012, where you can create and develop your character by choosing between the 3 different classes offered, which can then be divided in 3 more during your adventure. You can create up to 12 different characters, each with specific skills to learn to develop it according to its predisposition.

Metin2: on this RPG online you can choose between 4 types of characters to create, Warrior, Magician, Sura and Murderer. Each of these will develop different attack moves and skills that will condition him to fight in his own way. You'll also improve your equipment to be always ready for epic battles.

NosTale: a fun online game suitable for all ages, where you must guide your avatar in a fantasy world full of animals. You can choose between 3 types of characters to be created: warrior, mage and archer. Each of them will develop into 4 different special classes, that will make your character stronger.

Gladiatus: is a game where you become a gladiator and fight against other players like you in the arena. To do this, and be successful, you will need to develop your character at best, both as equipment than as statistics. On Gladiatus expeditions and missions await you in a position to intimidate the boldest adventurer.

Drakensang Online: is an action MMORPG where you will face many enemies and complete hundreds of quests. You can choose between 3 different characters to create and develop as you wish to make them unique. Very important is the care that you will use in enhancing the equipment of your avatar, which over time will acquire more new skills.