Thursday, July 5, 2012

Download Best Free MMORPG 2012

Here you will find a list of the best free MMORPGs of 2012 in English that you can download.
Besides these, in the website New Browser Games you will find many other free online games to play directly from your browser without downloading!

Click on the title of the game to read the full review, or on the image to download.

is a free MMORPG that requires the download of a file of about 1.3 GB. The setting of Metin2 is fantasy, featuring a world full of mythical creatures, wizards and warriors. The goal is to complete quests and level up, increasing your own statistics and improving your inventory.

At the beginning of your adventure you can choose between 4 different types of characters (Warrior, Ninja, Shaman and Sura) and upgrade your equipment and skills, then you will join one of the 3 kingdoms in conflict.

is the new free MMORPG of 2012 to try after a quick download. Once installed the game you can create your mage or your witch and start your adventure. To continue with the game you will need to make long explorations across the big city of which it is set and kill the boss to complete the difficult missions.

The fights are held in shifts, using the trading cards that can be of attack or defense. At the end of each fight you will receive experience points, money and sometimes useful items for your character.

is one of the best free MMORPG online to download in 2012. Once you have downloaded you will be brought into a neutral realm where will be taught you the main controls of the game. The aim is to complete quests, develop skills and stats of your character and improve its equipment.

You can choose between 3 races and 6 classes, and every day you will take part in the "War of the Kingdoms." In 4Story the basic attack has almost no importance, because of the presence of numerous skill for each class.

Runes of Magic:
is a free MMORPG online fantasy-style, where you can walk or ride along wide regions, more and more beautiful and detailed as you advance in level, as well as caves, mines and dark dungeons, where you will face evil creatures. In Runes of Magic there are only two races, but there are 8 different classes to choose.

For help in combat, in Runes of Magic you may have a pet at your side, to be evoked at any time to send him to the attack of monsters and help you to receives experience points for each killed mob.

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