Monday, July 30, 2012

Travian, The Best Strategy Game Online

Remember in school when you were talking about the Gauls, the Romans and the Teutons? And surely, when you read their stories, you wanted to be one of them ...
Now, with Travian, one of the most popular strategy browser games in Europe, you can create your own village, manage an army and conquer the whole world.


At the beginning of the game you will have to choose the faction with which start your adventure, and you can choose between the tribes of the Gauls, the Romans, or if you prefer the Teutons.
Whatever will be your choice, the adventure will begin in your village shared in 2 parts, one with inside stores, academy and army barracks, and the other with collection points resources such as corn, which will need to feed the army, iron , wood and clay, that you'll need to build buildings and increase the level of the mines.

On Travian you will face 3 types of battles: the raids, to plunder the resources of the enemy, the one focusing on the total destruction of opponents, or those, much more funny, involving the conquest of the villages of the other players.
To start a battle you must send your spy-warriors into the opponent village and check the number of its soldiers, their characteristics and the type of their defenses in order to plan the attack.

You can also perform the missions for your hero, in which you will be sure to find useful items to put on and various upgrades for all your villages (in fact in Travian you can manage an infinite number of towns).

At the end Travian is a very addictive game and easy to understand, and if you want to be in faction that will build the Wonder and will win the game you have to become the best of planners.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Miramagia, Online Game of Gardening

Miramagia the browser game where you can build your own garden
Miramagia is a free browser game in fantasy style of Travian Games.


As a magician you have to manage a magical garden planting different species of plants; you have to sow, cure and sell plants, you can also raise a baby dragon that will accompany you during the various missions to become the most powerful magician of Miramagia.

At the beginning of the game you have to choose if play as a mage, a
druid, a shaman or a sorcerer
, and this will determine how you will learn how to do spells.

On Miramagia you have to take care of your plants that will grow until you decide to harvest in order to exchange them with other players. Not only that, they will also be used to make spells and feed the dragon.

In addition, wandering around the city of Miramagia, you will always find the "Wheel of Fortune" and the "Workshop of the Sorcerer". In the last one you can buy magic items and meet different masters of magic that will help you to learn new spells.

Try to take better care as possible of your garden because during the game there are also beauty contests between the gardens and if you prove to be one of the best you will receive various prizes and could be remembered forever thanks to a statue dedicated to you in your village .


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Manager Football 2012 - Free Soccer Games

Manager Football 2012 is the best free online football management game where you play as the manager of a football team and control every single detail to make your team the winner.


Manager Football 2012 is certainly one of the games of the sector better structured, especially in terms of economic management. As president of the team you worried about buying and selling players, tactics and contracts, without forgetting sponsors and fans.

After choosing the name of the manager and the team that you are going to form, you will enter into the action from a low division: you will then arrange friendly matches to begin to gain points and climb the charts.
Into the team you'll find twenty players with unique personal characteristics: from these "skills", expressed in numerical values​​, you will have to understand the best role for each one. Equally important are the other professionals: the coach, assistant coach, physiotherapist, athletic trainer, doctor, etc. ...

In Manager Football 2012 you will play every 3-4 days in a round of 12 teams, but more you will go up of level and more will be the matches in which you will participate. At the end of each season promotion and relegation will determine the framework of the new series. In the middle there are also friendly and cup matches nationwide.

One of the many variables which you must take into account concerns the finances of your team that you'll increase winning the various matches.
In Manager Football 2012, players can be buy and sell, but in this case you can not do it directly to a team, but you will need to sell him before to a broker which will place him on the market.


Monday, July 23, 2012

C9 Online - Continent of the Ninth Seal

C9 ONLINE or Continent of the Ninth Seal is a brand new free action MMORPG in 3D published in 2012 by Webzen.


His style of play so special and the incredible graphics quality make it the best action online in the market of the free-to-play.
Characters, monsters, battles... everything seems so real! Have never seen such images in an MMORPG: C9 Online certainly has a unique gameplay.

Here is a video that can give you an idea of the potential of C9 Online (recommend to set the HD quality):

You will realize this excellence since your first approach to the game. C9 Online supplies an editor for a very detailed character customization. At first you can decide between the 3 existing classes: Fighter, Hunter, and Shaman, which you can divide, at level 20, in another 3, to choose according to their specialty. Each of these classes is characterized by different skill to learn and combos to try, as well as different weapons and equipment very well cared in the implementation. There is also the possibility to create up to 12 distinct characters to use in turn.

Choosen the class, on C9 Online you can have fun to detailing your avatar, changing skin color, facial features, cutting and length of hair, body size, eyes and even lips color! The final result will be very realistic facial expressions, with a high level of detail both in looks and in clothes, made ​​with real expertise. Even the landscape itself is superb, with the leaves swaying in the wind and clouds rushing across the sky.

The gameplay of C9 Online is really exciting, fast and dynamic, characterized by some peculiarities quite original and able to offer a pleasant freedom of movement during combat and exploration. Very interesting is, for example, the ability to switch from the use of a melee weapon to a bow, the speed of some characters, or the ability to dodge the blows of the enemy from the side, forward or backward. In short, if you're looking for a game that reflects your skill in PvP and PvE, this is precisely C9 Online!

In fact, PvP combat is spectacular and require a deep understanding of your abilities, and the same PvP system of C9 Online is one of the best I have ever seen in an MMORPG. All this because:
- Every city has its own arena PvP
- You can play 2 VS 2 and 3 VS 3
- Balancing HP, MP & HIT
- Time match
- GVG (Guild Vs Guild)
- Presence of a coliseum
- Option Rivals Research to automatically search for a challenger, so you do not have to ask all those who walk around you to deal with a PvP match
- Intrusion System that allows you to attack other players (at least 3 levels above your group) involved in the invasion of a dungeon and kill them, gaining medals useful for special purchases.

After the initial tutorial, you will begin to explore the residential area, talk to the NPC, accept quests, shop, learn new skills and access, through a special portal, to the various dungeons available. The funniest actions on C9 Online, in fact, occur in dungeons, where you'll face the various bosses, alone or in groups, with attention to the attacks from all their little followers. If you manage to kill the boss, his servants will die with him and all participants will share the rewards.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Download Best Free MMORPG 2012

Here you will find a list of the best free MMORPGs of 2012 in English that you can download.
Besides these, in the website New Browser Games you will find many other free online games to play directly from your browser without downloading!

Click on the title of the game to read the full review, or on the image to download.

is a free MMORPG that requires the download of a file of about 1.3 GB. The setting of Metin2 is fantasy, featuring a world full of mythical creatures, wizards and warriors. The goal is to complete quests and level up, increasing your own statistics and improving your inventory.

At the beginning of your adventure you can choose between 4 different types of characters (Warrior, Ninja, Shaman and Sura) and upgrade your equipment and skills, then you will join one of the 3 kingdoms in conflict.

is the new free MMORPG of 2012 to try after a quick download. Once installed the game you can create your mage or your witch and start your adventure. To continue with the game you will need to make long explorations across the big city of which it is set and kill the boss to complete the difficult missions.

The fights are held in shifts, using the trading cards that can be of attack or defense. At the end of each fight you will receive experience points, money and sometimes useful items for your character.

is one of the best free MMORPG online to download in 2012. Once you have downloaded you will be brought into a neutral realm where will be taught you the main controls of the game. The aim is to complete quests, develop skills and stats of your character and improve its equipment.

You can choose between 3 races and 6 classes, and every day you will take part in the "War of the Kingdoms." In 4Story the basic attack has almost no importance, because of the presence of numerous skill for each class.

Runes of Magic:
is a free MMORPG online fantasy-style, where you can walk or ride along wide regions, more and more beautiful and detailed as you advance in level, as well as caves, mines and dark dungeons, where you will face evil creatures. In Runes of Magic there are only two races, but there are 8 different classes to choose.

For help in combat, in Runes of Magic you may have a pet at your side, to be evoked at any time to send him to the attack of monsters and help you to receives experience points for each killed mob.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Games where Create and Develop your Character

Here is a list of the best free games where you can create and develop your own character online.

Click on the title of the game to read the full review or on the image to play now.

C9-Continent of the Ninth: it's one of the best MMORPGs of 2012, where you can create and develop your character by choosing between the 3 different classes offered, which can then be divided in 3 more during your adventure. You can create up to 12 different characters, each with specific skills to learn to develop it according to its predisposition.

Metin2: on this RPG online you can choose between 4 types of characters to create, Warrior, Magician, Sura and Murderer. Each of these will develop different attack moves and skills that will condition him to fight in his own way. You'll also improve your equipment to be always ready for epic battles.

NosTale: a fun online game suitable for all ages, where you must guide your avatar in a fantasy world full of animals. You can choose between 3 types of characters to be created: warrior, mage and archer. Each of them will develop into 4 different special classes, that will make your character stronger.

Gladiatus: is a game where you become a gladiator and fight against other players like you in the arena. To do this, and be successful, you will need to develop your character at best, both as equipment than as statistics. On Gladiatus expeditions and missions await you in a position to intimidate the boldest adventurer.

Drakensang Online: is an action MMORPG where you will face many enemies and complete hundreds of quests. You can choose between 3 different characters to create and develop as you wish to make them unique. Very important is the care that you will use in enhancing the equipment of your avatar, which over time will acquire more new skills.