Sunday, June 3, 2012

NosTale - Free MMORPG Online Anime style

NosTale is a free online role-playing game, set in a fantasy setting, full of dragons, elves, goblins, and strange creatures. The peculiarity of this MMORPG, however, is in its anime style graphics, which reminds the Japanese cartoons.


Once you download the game software and created your account, you will become part of the world of NosTale as "Adventurer", a character that does not belong yet to a specific class. This is selectable only reaching level 15 in combat and 20 in the work. At this point you can specialize and undertake a "career" by choosing one of the three available classes: Swordsman, Archer and Mage.

An important part of NosTale are the NosMates, animals that accompany your character throughout his adventures. The mob, after being captured, will follow yoy during the game and will help out in fights, sometimes becoming decisive in the outcome of a battle. It will be then possible to equip them with various objects that will increase their status and, consequently, their ability to combat.

Another interesting factor in the world of NosTale, you can purchase a personal ground where you can build your home, entering inside a fair amount of various objects and decorations, with the opportunity to show your headquarters to friends.
In this multiplayer game anime style is very important to gain experience points to enhance your avatar. Going forward in NosTale, the user must be able to win the right skills (that is the level of work appropriate to your character), gold coins and Point Capacity needed for the survival.