Thursday, June 21, 2012

Good Online Games for Girls 2012

List of some good free new online games for girls in English of 2012.

Indeed, these MMOs are appropriate to all types of players, but nevertheless have a strong response from women who derive greater enjoyment from those on this list than the others not.

Click on the title of the game to read the full review, or on the image to play now.

Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama:
are looking for peace and tranquility of an online game for girls where you can immerse yourself in a relaxing farm? This is Farmerama, a MMORPG that will turn you into a farmer, enabling you to manage your own farm online.

Once you have registered you will be brought to your farm, where a short tutorial will explain the basic controls of the game. Every action will earn you the experience points needed to level up: to get a large variety of vegetables, flowers, fruits and animals, in fact, you will need to demonstrate great tenacity.

is a role playing game for girls where you can impersonate a wizard or a witch. Set in large cities, on Wizard101 you will need to take long walks, facing thousands of missions and kill hundreds of enemies.

The fights are held in shifts, using cards that can be of attack or defense. At the end of each fight will receive experience points, money and sometimes objects. In addition, you'll have a house to decorate as you like, and a pet to train and take with you during all your adventures in this magic world.

Pirate Storm:
is the new online game for girls where you must lead a pirate ship. The battles will be daily, not only against the sea monsters created by the PC, but also with the ships of the other players.

At an easy tutorial will guide you through the various goals and functions of the game: how to move on the map, how to deal with enemies, how to enhance your ship, how to repair it and a lot more. Then you will be taken to the harbor, where you will acquire more experience, especially coming into contact with other players online.

My Lands: is one of the best games for girls in real time available. The aim is to build a city to produce resources and defend it against enemy attacks, and, to help you in this, there will be progressive missions to play. On My Lands a very important role is played by technology: in fact, if not will develop it properly, it will be very easy for your enemies to prevail on you. Once you've created a solid base you can start to recruit an army with which attack your opponents and raid the estates. NosTale: is a free online role-playing game for girls, set in a fantasy setting with an anime style graphics, which reminds the Japanese cartoons. In this game is very important to gain experience points to enhance your avatar. An important part of NosTale are the animals that accompany your character throughout his adventures. The pets, after being captured, will follow you during the game and will help you in fights. It will be possible to equip them with various objects that will increase their status and their ability to combat.