Thursday, June 7, 2012

Best Free MMORPG Online

Here's to you the list of best free MMORPG online games in English.
To play click on the image of the description, and to get a more complete review click on the title thereof.

Drakensang Online:
is a fantasy-style MMORPG with amazing 3D graphics. On Drakensang Online you will need to complete hundreds of missions and kill fierce enemies, from the fearsome NPC monsters of various kinds, without forgetting other players online.

At first you can choose your character from mage, warrior or hunter, but beware: once this decision, you'll have to keep it until the end of the game. The most important thing will be to strengthen the equipment your hero and make him earn experience points to level up.

Pirate Storm:
is the new MMORPG online of Bigpoint, a great 3D graphics in a fantasy setting, where you'll be the captain of a pirate ship in a sea where everybody fight for supremacy.

Pirate Storm is based on the action: once outside the safe zone, you will begin to sail the seas of anything but quiet! Since then the fighting will be daily, not only against the sea monsters created by the PC, but also to the ships of other players online, with whom, however, you can always team up by going to the Guilds Room of the port.

is the MMORPG for families where you will become a powerful wizard or feared witch. Initially you will need to choose a particular school which be part, such as that of ice, fire, earth, or lightning.

Done this, you can download and immediately begin this great game. On Wizard101 will need to level up your character, equip it at the best, complete quests, go for long walks, kill the boss, and more. During your adventures you will be accompanied by a pet, that you have to train with care and that you can use in battle.

is the most played free MMORPG online in Europe. The purpose of this game is to complete quests and level up, increasing the statistics and improving the inventory.

There are thousands of different missions to fulfill, which started out very simple, then more and more difficult, until the last, "Research of Seon-Pyeong2", that only very few have managed to overcome, because it requires months to be completed. On this game there are skills for anything, you can even learn how to fish.