Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pirate Storm the Game EN

"Pirate Storm - Death or Glory" is the new fantasy online game by Bigpoint, with a great 3D graphics. Totally marked by action and tactics, in Pirate Storm you will need to command a pirate crew ready to do anything to conquer the seven seas.


Building on the success of Seafight, Pirate Storm will be able to make a fierce competition with its predecessor, having deepened the game mechanics.

Immediately after recording, an easy tutorial walks you through the various goals and functions of the game: how to move around the map, how to deal with enemies along the way, how to strengthen your pirate ship, how to repair it and more.
You will then be taken to the harbor, where you'll acquire more experience, especially coming into contact with the various crews of the other players. You can moor your ship to the shipyard and buy new material to equip it, such as cannons, sails, crew, etc.. In the tavern you will find every available missions, which will help you improve your ranking on Pirate Storm, or you will be rewarded with some very useful pieces of gold to spend later.

Pirate Storm is essentially based on the action: once outside the safe zone, you will begin to sail on anything but quiet seas! Since then the fighting will be daily, and not only against the sea monsters created by the computer, but also towards the ships of the other online players. Everyone, in fact, competing for supremacy in this game of pirates, and with them all you will need to compete, because, if an enemy is attacked from more ships, only to those who inflict the coup de grace will be granted the money and the experience points.
If the fierce competition of Pirate Storm would be too stressful, you just have to go to the Guilds Salon of the port, where you can join other players in a single fleet of ships: to join a good alliance will allow you to be protected in case of need and never find you alone in that vast and dangerous ocean.