Friday, May 18, 2012

Rank Best MMORPG 2012

The rank of the best MMORPG in English to download and play for free on your PC.

To play you simply have to click on the image of the brief description, register (username, password and email) and click on "download client".

Wizard101: is one of the best MMORPG for the whole family.
With Wizard101 you can become a wizard or a witch that you will need to train to become ever more powerful. One of the new aspects of this game is that, during the battles, will not be you to fight hand to hand, but your monster cards, that you can obtain by killing the leaders, or buying them in the shops.

Drakensang Online: the ultimate role-playing game published by Bigpoint.
To play you must load a client of only 7MB, but don't let you fool from its size: if you like games where you have to fight, improve your equipment, complete missions and level up, then Drakensang Online is right for you.

Pirate Storm: is a brand new role-playing game inspired to the famous Seafight. This game requires no download and you can play immediately for free just after a short registration.
On Pirate Storm you will wander around the huge maps, kill monsters, complete quests, level up, upgrade your ship in all respects, and much more.
If you want a game long but very quiet, this should be suitable.

Metin2: could not be missing from this list, being the most played MMORPG in Europe.
On this game there are skills for anything, you can even go fishing. There are thousands of different quests to complete, at the beginning very simple, then more and more difficult, until the last, "Research of Seon-Pyeong2", that only very few were able to pass, because it requires months to be completed.