Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Imperia Online - Strategy MMORPG Register

Imperia Online is a multiplayer strategy browser game (MMORPG) that requires no installation and is completely free. In its latest version the graphics is in 3D and is completely translated in English, including the tutorial.


In Imperia Online everything is like in real life: you're online or not, your empire expands and produces resources and everything you do is in real time. For example, even the combat system is not based on shifts, and the various types of military units require several hours to be trained.

The first thing to do, and also the most important (because it can not be changed until the end of the era), is which race to join. If you decide to become a Nomad will need to be a fearsome warrior who wins and dominates the other with the strength of his army, but if you choose to be a Imperian, you will need to develop an efficient economic, defensive and productive intelligence.
After the creation of your account at Imperia Online, you will become immediately the leader of a village within a colonized province. You'll start with a small plot of land and you can build various buildings as you will earn money and gather materials. Your goal will be to turn it into a real medieval empire, and to get it you must collect and accumulate resources, undertake war alone or with allies, colonize other provinces, following the markets, strengthen your defenses, organize alliances with other players , and everything you would do if you were a true feudal lord!

The advancement system of Imperia Online is based primarily on the passage of time. On fixed dates some new residents come within your borders, which you can provide jobs of your choice, increasing the productivity of the entire village. Also, if you decide to levy taxes on the population, you can fill the coffers and invest on the broader aspects, economic and structural. But be careful: too high taxes may create discontent, angering citizens, who at that point would not do more their duty.
The moral of the population, in fact, plays a key role, therefore, be important to accommodate the wishes of your people to make them happy by building temples and all those useful infrastructure for leisure or free time in general.
Another main objective is to earn points to get ahead, and this shall be possible by fighting wars against the stronger armies. Obviously by itself would not be easy, but within Imperia Online you will have the opportunity to form alliances with other 4 people. To do this you must have at least 150 points each. One of you will hold the figure of leader, while others will be counselors.