Monday, May 21, 2012

Heroes Kingdoms Strategy Ubisoft FREE

I introduce the new Ubisoft's strategy game: it is called "Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms" and can be played for free from any type of browser.


Once you sign in Heroes Kingdoms, a short tutorial will teach you the controls and dynamics.

The graphic quality is inspired by the best browser game of the past, and although it may be a little retro, you'll definitely appreciate the many other features of this fun strategy game.
For example, you immediately have the chance to create heroes and armies to liberate your city and adjacent areas which are infested by monsters.
During the battles you'll get experience points for your heroes, useful resources for the growth of your stronghold and occasionally objects to equip your heroes (which are among the most useful things, but also the hardest to find).
You will need to be careful with your neighbors, that will not always be gentle with you. In this case, have good diplomatic skills can make the difference (usually not difficult to convince others to join with you, or at least to leave you alone).

Then, the amount of buildings to be built, the skills to learn from your heroes, the market, the blacksmithing and much more, will keep you happily occupied for a long time.