Saturday, April 28, 2012

Runes of Magic Download English

Runes of Magic is a free game online fantasy-style MMORPG type.


In the world of Taborea you can walk or ride along wide regions, more and more beautiful and detailed as you advance in level, as well as caves, mines and dark dungeons, where you will face evil creatures.

Up to level 10 of Runes of Magic you can hone the collecting skills, trying to become a miner, a joiner, a carpenter, an herbalist, a charmer, etc ... Each of these trades will allow you to build by yourself some special items without having to buy directly, but only collecting the necessary materials and making sure that you are in the necessary level to produce them.

In Runes of Magic are only two races, but there are 8 classes: Warrior (Human, Elf), Scout (Human, Elf) Rogue (Human, Elf), Mage (Human, Elf) Priest (Human);
Knight (Human);
Druid (Elf);
Warden (Elf).
Reached level 10 you can also choose a secondary class of interchange with the initial one depending on the time, so you can take advantage from the abilities of both (although the latter can never exceed the level of the main one and they can not be combined simultaneously).

Together with progress in the statistics, the upgrade and change equipment in Runes of Magic is not only rewarding, but I would say an essential asset in PvP and PvE. For help in combat, you may have a pet at your side, to be evoked at any time to send him to the attack of monsters and help you to receives experience points for each killed mob.