Friday, April 6, 2012

Pirate Storm - New Online Game of Pirates

Pirate Storm is a new free online game on pirates of Bigpoint.

To play click on the image.

After you've registered on Pirate Storm will begin the tutorial, which will explain all the most important aspects of the game: how to move around the map, how to deal with enemies along the way, how to develop your pirate ship, how to repair it and more.

When you've finished the first part of the tutorial you will be brought to the port, where you'll find other things to do. For example, on the shipyard you can moor your ship and equip it with new guns, sails, crew, etc.. In the tavern you will find any dozens of missions available that will help you to improve your ranking on Pirate Storm.
One of the best things about this pirate game is fighting. You will have to compete with hundreds of other players like you to be able to kill the monsters: in fact, only those who give the final blow to the monster or the pirate enemy will receive experience and money.

You'll find hundreds of other fun things to do on Pirate Storm, but I will not spoil the surprise, so I wish you