Friday, March 9, 2012

War Browser Game 2012

The best war browser game to play directly on your pc without downloading.

To play click on the image near the description.

Battlestar Galactica OnlineBattlestar Galactica Online:
the new space warfare game published by Bigpoint.
In this game you become the captain of a warship that you have to develop and improve in all its aspects.
You'll face exciting space battles against fierce enemies, human and not.

this well-known browser game perfectly blends aspects of a strategy game in real time with a real war game.
On Ikariam you have to found your warrior city and prepare it to face bloody battles building all types of necessare structures.

Pirate Storm: is the new online MMO game of Bigpoint, with a great 3D graphics in a fantasy setting. In Pirate Storm you'll be the captain of a pirate crew ready to do anything to conquer the seven seas.
Each day you will encounter fierce battles against other players' ships and the fearsome sea monsters.

Drakensang Online:
The last out of the house Bigpoint, is a browser game that will captivate you immediately.
The style is that of Diablo 2.
At first you have to choose between 3 types of characters, you must equip it and strengthen it to deal bloody battles with countless types of creatures.

Imperia Online:
another fun online game that mixes strategy and war, set in medieval times.
at the beginning you will need to build your first village, strengthen your civil and military technologies and train an army to conquer new territories.