Thursday, March 15, 2012

MyLands Strategy Online Games

MyLands is one of the best strategy online games in real-time available. CLICK HERE TO PLAY At the beginning of your adventure on MyLands you will receive a small city fortified by walls. Your goal during the initial stages of the game is to make it grow by increasing its production of resources. To help us in this will be some missions to carried out, at the beginning very simple then more and more difficult. At the end of each mission you will receive a reward, generally resources but also upgrades and black pearls.
When you grow up enough to train an army, you can attack other cities to conquer them: this is the fastest way to grow quickly. In addition, on MyLands, you will need to develop a forty different technologies in order to challenge the most powerful enemies. HAVE FUN WITH MYLANDS, THE BEST STRATEGY ONLINE GAME