Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Online Games

(click on image to play)

Wizard 101: One of the latest online games released, in this game you will become a magician or a witch, and you need to complete hundreds of missions.
You will also meet hundreds of players from your country to share your adventures. To play click on the image at left.

Metin2: Hard to be passionate about online games and not knowing this title, but I still put it on the list because it is the most played game in Europe.
In this game you will be catapulted into a huge 3D world full of enemies, missions to play, collectibles and more. To list everything that this game has to offer, it would take 100 pages, so I just hope you'll enjoy.

Air Rivals: This game is a bit 'different from the previous ones, in fact you will not command an adventurer, nor a magician or a warrior, but a fighter plane.
With a well maintained graphics and a PvP system (player vs. player) nothing short of spectacular, this game is definitely worth a try.

4Story: This comprehensive online game, in many respects similar to World of Warcraft, is one of the best games published by Gameforge.
In this game you can choose from 3 races and 6 classes of characters, and every day you take part in the war of kingdoms, where you must kill as many players as possible.