Saturday, February 11, 2012

4Story Download in English

Click HERE to download 4Story in English.

4Story is one of the best browser games for the PC.

At the beginning of your adventure you will be brought into a neutral realm where will be taught you the main controls of the game and the use of skills.

When you reach level 10 you will be brought into the world of Valorian or Derion, the two worlds constantly fighting each other.

Click play to watch the presentation video:

In 4Story, unlike other MMORPG, the basic attack has almost no importance, because of the presence of numerous skill for each class.

Each class has a number of abilities that should be carefully chosen for their effectiveness against the enemy. There are 3 types of skills:

Skill damage: they are common, simply that damage the opponent more than a sword. The damage is dependent on the power of the skill and of the character. Moreover, some skill instills a sort of negative effect on the enemy that will lose a certain number of hit points constantly and consistently. Of course the damage caused by this ability will be less than the common skill of damage.

Skill buff: these are the enhancement skill. These skills are in most cases necessary: they provide all kinds of help to the character, defense, attack, successful attack, magical defense, resistance, etc... Only the priest is able to enhance (buff) not only himself, but also the other players.

Stunn skills: these skills are able to stun (lock), freeze, block the view and let the enemy escape. They are very useful and each class has at least one.