Monday, January 9, 2012

Rank of Best Free Games 2012

The ranking of the best free online games of 2012.

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Metin2: The most played MMORPG in Europe, and there is a reason, in this game you can do just about anything, as well as completing quests to level up as much as possible and improve your equipment, you can:
Train your horse and wander around the map much faster, you can catch more than 10 different species of fish, create your own market where to sell the items you'll find in your adventures and much much more.

Wizard101: Another role playing game free but very different from the previous, there you will become a wizard or a witch in order to carry out many missions and learn dozens of spells.
In addition to becoming more powerful you will conquer and train your pet to help you in the game and in combat.

Imperia Online: One of the best browser game emerging of strategy for some years this game has been
in the shadows but in recent months the number of players has increased exponentially if you like
strategy games and have not yet tried this, Imperia Online is right for you.
As on many other strategy games you should create your city train your army and much more.

4Story: One of the most successful Gameforge games marked with an increasing number of users 4Story is one of the most successful MMORPG in history.
In many ways similar to World of Warcraft but with a basic difference which is that it's free!
Here, as in most RPGs you enhance your character and to accomplish quests.
Have fun with 4Story.

Gladiatus: If you are looking for a browser game simple and fun that does not require a fast line and performance from your PC this is the game for you.
On Gladiatus you will become a gladiator and you will be brought back to the days of ancient Rome where you'll end difficult challenges to achieve the highest levels of the game.