Sunday, January 22, 2012

KingsAge - Medieval Strategy Browser Games

KingsAge is a free online multiplayer game by Gameforge. This is a strategic-managerial browser game set in the Middle Ages.

After a quick registration, you can choose from five different worlds, each of which at the beginning will be, however, fairly barren and poor of constructions.
You will need to ensure, at first, the evolution of your settlement, extending and reinforcing the existing buildings and thus release the building of new ones, to raise up to a maximum increase your kingdom. Finally, you can dedicate yourself to conquer new territories.

Into KingsAge, the only way to enlist the troops is to get the workforce of the settlers, necessary for the development of the city, and gradually improve the production of resources to support the same. Then, the soldiers will be trained in the barracks to be coached to fight other players, in the name of the expansion of the Kingdom.
Another technique for increasing urban development may be to create business relationships and alliances with your neighbors, even if, on KingsAge, the war of conquest is essential for the evolution of the game. In fact you can not create new settlements from a neutral territory, but only invade and take possession of those belonging to other players.