Monday, January 23, 2012

Fantasy Browser Games 2012

Here you can find the best fantasy browser games to play on your PC for free.

Click on the image beside the description to start.

Pirate Storm:
is a new free online game of Bigpoint of naval combat with a remarkable 3D graphics. In Pirate Storm you must lead a pirate ship in a sea where everybody fight for supremacy.
Each day you will encounter fierce battles against other players' ships and the fearsome sea monsters created by the computer.

Drakensang Online: the ultimate role-playing game published by Bigpoint.
To play you must load a client of only 7MB, but don't let you fool from its size: if you like games where you have to fight, improve your equipment, complete missions and level up, then Drakensang Online is right for you.

4Story: another online fantasy game very entertaining and well done. In this game you have to choose between 3 types of characters and 6 different classes.
To reach the highest levels of this game it will take months or even years.

Metin2: the ultimate fantasy game, is the most played game in Europe and one of the most played in the world.
In this game you control a character through fantasy worlds, equipping you with the best items and participating in bloody wars.