Sunday, January 29, 2012

Best Online Games for PC 2012

The best online games for PC in 2012.

Click on the image to play the game.

Wizard101: another great online game for PC 2012, published by Gameforge.
With Wizard101 you will move into a magical world of adventure, full of wizards, witches and evil creatures.
To advance on this game you need to complete hundreds of missions. GOOD LUCK!

Metin2: the free game par excellence, is the most played throughout Europe.
Here you have a lot of skill to train, missions to accomplish, enemies to kill and much more.
If you have not tried yet Metin2, this is the right time.

4Story: a lot like wow, is a comprehensive and entertaining online game.
Warning: you may not be able to stop playing.
If you like fighting against other players, you'll enjoy a lot 4Story.

Ikariam: is a multiplayer strategy game very popular all over the world.
On Ikariam you will be brought back to the days of ancient Greece, where you will build a city, train an army and destroy your enemies.

Gladiatus: is one of the best browser games of 2012, in which you take the parts of a powerful gladiator who will need to be equipped with the best items and better weapons. On Gladiatus expeditions and missions await you, in a position to intimidate the boldest adventurer.