Sunday, January 29, 2012

Best Online Games for PC 2012

The best online games for PC in 2012.

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Wizard101: another great online game for PC 2012, published by Gameforge.
With Wizard101 you will move into a magical world of adventure, full of wizards, witches and evil creatures.
To advance on this game you need to complete hundreds of missions. GOOD LUCK!

Metin2: the free game par excellence, is the most played throughout Europe.
Here you have a lot of skill to train, missions to accomplish, enemies to kill and much more.
If you have not tried yet Metin2, this is the right time.

4Story: a lot like wow, is a comprehensive and entertaining online game.
Warning: you may not be able to stop playing.
If you like fighting against other players, you'll enjoy a lot 4Story.

Ikariam: is a multiplayer strategy game very popular all over the world.
On Ikariam you will be brought back to the days of ancient Greece, where you will build a city, train an army and destroy your enemies.

Gladiatus: is one of the best browser games of 2012, in which you take the parts of a powerful gladiator who will need to be equipped with the best items and better weapons. On Gladiatus expeditions and missions await you, in a position to intimidate the boldest adventurer.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fantasy Browser Games 2012

Here you can find the best fantasy browser games to play on your PC for free.

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Pirate Storm:
is a new free online game of Bigpoint of naval combat with a remarkable 3D graphics. In Pirate Storm you must lead a pirate ship in a sea where everybody fight for supremacy.
Each day you will encounter fierce battles against other players' ships and the fearsome sea monsters created by the computer.

Drakensang Online: the ultimate role-playing game published by Bigpoint.
To play you must load a client of only 7MB, but don't let you fool from its size: if you like games where you have to fight, improve your equipment, complete missions and level up, then Drakensang Online is right for you.

4Story: another online fantasy game very entertaining and well done. In this game you have to choose between 3 types of characters and 6 different classes.
To reach the highest levels of this game it will take months or even years.

Metin2: the ultimate fantasy game, is the most played game in Europe and one of the most played in the world.
In this game you control a character through fantasy worlds, equipping you with the best items and participating in bloody wars.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

KingsAge - Medieval Strategy Browser Games

KingsAge is a free online multiplayer game by Gameforge. This is a strategic-managerial browser game set in the Middle Ages.

After a quick registration, you can choose from five different worlds, each of which at the beginning will be, however, fairly barren and poor of constructions.
You will need to ensure, at first, the evolution of your settlement, extending and reinforcing the existing buildings and thus release the building of new ones, to raise up to a maximum increase your kingdom. Finally, you can dedicate yourself to conquer new territories.

Into KingsAge, the only way to enlist the troops is to get the workforce of the settlers, necessary for the development of the city, and gradually improve the production of resources to support the same. Then, the soldiers will be trained in the barracks to be coached to fight other players, in the name of the expansion of the Kingdom.
Another technique for increasing urban development may be to create business relationships and alliances with your neighbors, even if, on KingsAge, the war of conquest is essential for the evolution of the game. In fact you can not create new settlements from a neutral territory, but only invade and take possession of those belonging to other players.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Role Playing Browser Games 2012

The best role-playing browser games online for free.

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Gladiatus: in this role-playing browser games you'll become a gladiator in the ancient Rome.
On Gladiatus you'll fight in various arenas and climb the charts, you will need to improve the equipment of your gladiator and his team and you will face dangerous missions.

BiteFight: is a browser game set in a grim world of continuous fighting between vampires and werewolves. The goal is to climb to the top of the charts to overcome the other players in power.

Nostale: it is a role playing game, also known as MMORPGs, suitable for all types of computers, as it does not require either a very fast connection or a powerful PC to play. If you have not tried it yet, now is the time guisto.

Metin2: is ultimate RPG: in fact, a few have not yet grappled with this fantastic online game, that's why this is the most played game in Europe.
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Free Online Games for Girls 2012

The best new free games for girls 2012.

To play click on the image next to the description.

Metin2: here is the ultimate role-playing game, very similar to Nostale in some ways but also much wider.
On Metin2 there will be many more skills to learn, monsters to kill, quests to complete. If you have not tried yet now is the time.

4Story: it's a really funny role-playing game and, in many ways, very similar to Nostale.
The most beautiful aspect of this game is the war of the 3 Kingdoms, where every day all the players face each other in bloody battles. Absolutely to try.

Play Farmerama now!
Farmerama: it's a game similar to Zoomumba, but the setting is quite different. In Farmerama you will become the master of a huge farm, where you nurture your plants, raising animals and much more. The game requires no download. Have fun!

Have fun with the best games for girls 2012!

Strategy Browser Games 2012

The best strategy browser games to play on your browser for free without downloading.

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Imperia Online: is one of the most popular strategy browser game, set in a world before the age of gunpowder, in which you must constantly make serious decisions to expand your fortresses, form alliances or strengthen your army.

Ikariam: is a browser game set in ancient Greece, where you must create your own city, your fleet and your army to conquer enemy towns.
If you are looking for a game where you can have a long lasting fun, this is the place for you.

Kings Age: One of the best strategy browser games on the medieval war.
On Kings Age you'll need to create and manage, from an initial, up to 6 fortresses, and obviously training the army to take part in animated wars against the computer and other players.


Friday, January 20, 2012

The Best Free Browser Games

The best free browser games to play on your pc without downloading.

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Ikariam: It is a strategy browser game, one of the most famous.
In this game you will be taken back in time to ancient Greece, you will become the governor of a small village and in time you will be able to make it grow and prosper.

Gladiatus: it is a role browser game where you will control a gladiator in ancient Rome.
You will face difficult challenges and fierce battles in the arena in order to climb the ranks of Gladiatus.

Drakensang Online: the ultimate role-playing game published by Bigpoint.
To play you must load a client of only 7MB, but don't let you fool from its size: if you like games where you have to fight, improve your equipment, complete missions and level up, then Drakensang Online is right for you.

Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama:
is free game with registration that will transform you in the administrator of a farm online. The goal is to make it grow and prosper as much as possible. To do this you will need to work the fields, sowing, planting trees and harvest the fruits, raise livestock, trade your products, improve your facilities and compete with other players.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Drakensang Online English

Drakensang Online is a free browser game style Diablo 2 came out recently is a browser game to try.


After a quick registration you must choose the type of character you prefer, attention once the decision you can not go back (unless you do not want to start from the begin).

On Drakensang Online There are 3 types of characters:

Dragon Warrior: armed with shield and sword has a very good score in both attack and defense and good skills, but do not have long range attacks.

Magician of Circle: Very powerful magical abilities as it is capable of causing considerable damage with spells of fire, ice and lightning

Hunter: Armed with bows and arrows is the most versatile of the 3 can attack both near and far.

After choosing your character you will be brought into a world full of monsters and well curatan setting where you have hundreds of missions to complete.

I do not want to further ruin the discovery of this fantastic game that I wish you good luck.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rank of Best Free Games 2012

The ranking of the best free online games of 2012.

To play just click on the image near the description.
If you want to read the full review click on the name of the game.

Metin2: The most played MMORPG in Europe, and there is a reason, in this game you can do just about anything, as well as completing quests to level up as much as possible and improve your equipment, you can:
Train your horse and wander around the map much faster, you can catch more than 10 different species of fish, create your own market where to sell the items you'll find in your adventures and much much more.

Wizard101: Another role playing game free but very different from the previous, there you will become a wizard or a witch in order to carry out many missions and learn dozens of spells.
In addition to becoming more powerful you will conquer and train your pet to help you in the game and in combat.

Imperia Online: One of the best browser game emerging of strategy for some years this game has been
in the shadows but in recent months the number of players has increased exponentially if you like
strategy games and have not yet tried this, Imperia Online is right for you.
As on many other strategy games you should create your city train your army and much more.

4Story: One of the most successful Gameforge games marked with an increasing number of users 4Story is one of the most successful MMORPG in history.
In many ways similar to World of Warcraft but with a basic difference which is that it's free!
Here, as in most RPGs you enhance your character and to accomplish quests.
Have fun with 4Story.

Gladiatus: If you are looking for a browser game simple and fun that does not require a fast line and performance from your PC this is the game for you.
On Gladiatus you will become a gladiator and you will be brought back to the days of ancient Rome where you'll end difficult challenges to achieve the highest levels of the game.