Friday, September 30, 2011

Nostale Download English

Nostale is one of the best RPG available.


At the beginning of the game you only have one type of character, an adventurer, but, when you get to combat level 15 and reputation level 20, on Nostale you can choose your class:

Magician: character with many MP but few HP, to be used if you prefer magic, status ailments and ranged attacks rather than physical attacks.
Even if the magician has a good attack power, his defense is low, so you better stay away from enemies.

Archer: is able to attack from great distances and has a high speed. The HP and MP, however, are average, and this makes it difficult to killing strong monsters called mobs.

Swordsman: the swordsman is a fighter who uses his sword to attack enemies. It is characterized by a high defense and a mediocre attack power. It has large amount of HP, but not many MP. Perfect for close combat.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Download Wizard 101 in English

Wizard 101 the new client game from Gameforge.


Wizard 101 is an RPG, in this fantastic game you can become a magician or a witch, then you must choose a particular school to be part of which such ice, fire, earth and lightning once done you can download it.
Watch this video presentation and learn more about Wizard 101.

This game even though set in very large cities does not require high performance from your PC and does not require a very fast connection.

Have fun with Wizard 101

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Athanaton - Strategy Game Online MMORPG

Athanaton is a strategy Browser Game RPG set in ancient Greece.
You will have to manage an entire realm, and the emotion of the game consists in the attempt to expand the boundaries of your territory and increase your power with shares of conquest. Obviously your opponents will thirst for dominance, and for the glory of the victory you need to have a lot of drachmas, colonies and grain to feed the troops.

The report of the battle is the core of Athanaton, creating an innovative system consisting of 5 main factors, which are general, equipment, training, and loss of the enemy units. Each player must join one of three factions, led by the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Athena, for groped to defeat Hades.

On Athanaton, after eliminating some particular enemy troops, you will enter in a destination for higher level for further expeditions. Once you defeat all the troops on the map, you can receive as reward some high quality equipments, who will periodically increase the heroes that you have available.
This is an action game, does not require the long times provided in the other strategic BG, you only need to use with cunning the best military tactics and you will be able to defeat any kind of player, so have fun with Athanaton!

Role playing games rpg 2011

Best RPG 2011 to play for free without downloading anything on your PC!

Click the headline in red to read the full review of the game or if you have no time to lose now click on the picture of the game of your choice you will be immediately directed to
free registration page.

Battlestar Galactica OnlineBattlestar Galactica Online: The best game of space combact you will face fierce competition against the enemy clans. Here you will pilot a powerfull space ship.

Play Seafight now!Seafight: Browser Game of 2011 naval battle with your boat you will face fearsome sea monsters and pirates.
The game has been upgrade with an all new graphics.

Play Dark OrbitDarkOrbit: space combat game here you can build and strengthen your space ship battles to gather resources and very high.

Play Farmerama Now!
Farmerama: The quiet Role playing game where you can relax in front of your farm with your pets to the market garden, etc. etc..

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wizard101 MMORPG for kids

Wizard101 came! the new free game to play after a short download.


Once installed the game you can create your mage or your witch and then immediately begin your adventure.

Wizard101 is set in a big city where you will face missions and hundreds of thousands of different types of enemies.

The fights take place in shifts, using cards that can be attack or defense. At the end of each contest will receive the EXP, money and sometimes objects.

To continue with the game you will have to take long walks and killing the boss to complete difficult missions.

Have fun with Wizard101

Sunday, September 18, 2011

FarmVille - strategy Facebook game

FarmVille is a Real-Time Strategy Browser Game available on Facebook, a massively multiplayer online of Zynga.
In this game you can simulate the life of a farmer, raising various animals and cultivating plants, trees, vegetables and everything that you will grow in your soil.

In FarmVille, to owning an animal, you can buy, adopt or receive it as gifts, and each one of them will offer its specific products that will raise your level money.
For each crop, however, you must calculate the cost of the plant, the ripening time and the gain realized, but you also have to give serious consideration to the experience that this process creates for the player.

To climb the 100 official levels you have to accrue experience points. One of the many ways to do this, extremely profitable, is to invite the friends on Facebook to become your neighbors in FarmVille, going to visit them to give suggestions and support in the initial construction of their farm.
Having friends in this game is also useful because you may exchange some gifts, saving money and using the fact that many of these objects, plants and animals would still not be affordable in the market. In addition, at least eight neighbors, you will have the opportunity to buy new land by increasing your performance.
Develop your skills in planting and harvesting, and breeding your pets with care. Only in this way they will yield, and you can experience the pleasure of the virtual agriculture in a world so treacherous as bucolic like FarmVille!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sims Social Online Facebook Games

The Sims Social is here! The new game for Facebook stood in second place in 2 months for number of active users on the most popular social network in the world.

Probably the immediate success of The Sims Social is due largely to two factors imposing a perfect blend of playability of this title and its intersection with the dynamics of Facebook and the second is the impressive confidence and respectability that the title The Sims has instilled in his players of Play Station, PC, Xbox and GameCube.

For the few who do not know this life simulator we talk a little bit of the game itself:

On day one, you must create your character by choosing your facial features, clothes and character.
The most important of these is the character that is what will affect your game,
In fact, the dreams and ambitions will be put right by this.
Once you have decided everything will move you to your first home here have much to do, first of all you will need to find a job to buy food and furniture all you need for your Sims to live.
Then you have to worry about a whole range of factors such as bars of well-being, in fact, your Sims have needs like humans, need to sleep, eat, talk, brush, etc. ...
You'll understand the urgency of need from the state bar's well-being.

Discover The Sims Social On Facebook.

Hellbreed Guide Online Game

Hellbreed new browser game by Gameforge, similar to Diablo 2, Hellbreed has a chance to become one of the most played games of the web.


At the beginning of your adventure you choose the type of character you want to become:

The Warrior with high standards of life, constitution and strength can wear all kinds of weapons and armor, but got very poor ability in magic.
It's good defense makes him a target very difficult to break down during the battles, therefore, is recommended as first character, just to get some feel with the game.

The Slayer master of the bow and the crossbow with the parameters very balanced, only the dexterity of this character excels, the fee is able to evoke any kind of a beast at his command such as wolves, bears, giant millipedes, and swarms of killer bees .

The Aries mixes magic with the physical attack, because the Aries has very good magic ability and is able to install in the fields of battle fearsome siege machines able to massacre many enemy monsters.

Choosed the character a short tutorial will teach you the main features of the game.

The purpose of this game is to traverse the worlds killing the enemies who get in your way and collecting various items that them drop, which can be objects for your equipment as weapons, helmets, armor, etc. ... Or, golds, needed by the merchant to buy all kinds of objects and more.
From time to time in the field of battle you will find the "shards of the world",that are the very rare blue trinkets that will allow you to move to the next dimension.
For example, to switch from first to second world you need 4 of them, 7 from second to third, and so on.

In addition each monster you kill will give you the EXP (experience points) that will allow you to level up and get a skill point.

One of the more interesting parts of Hellbreed is the equipment infact will be the items equipped to make a difference on the battlefield more then your skill.
The objects are divided into 4 categories: White, Green, Blue and Purple

Those whites do not possess special skills, but only the values ​​of defense in case of armor and attack in case of weapons.
Those Green, Blue and Purple are magical and equipping them will give you bonuses.
The yellow writing on objects such as Dexterity + 20 increases your dexterity by 20 points, the orange is referred to your incresed damage, and blue to the defiance.

Being able to equip a character entirely of purple objects is extremely difficult but it certainly will provide you much satisfaction.

Have fun with Hellbreed.

If you want help to write this guide write in the comments what you want and will be added soon.

BattleKnight - Browser Game Fantasy RPG

BattleKnight is a fantasy RPG Browser Game where you'll become a valiant knight, a positive or negative hero.


The setting recalls the medieval period, where players are measured each other in fierce battles. The controls are simple and intuitive, and for the new members there is also a tutorial that will guide them in their understanding and in the missions to accomplish.

BattleKnight is set on the figure of the knight you're going to play: you must take care to provide and equip him always better to updating his estate according to the money you will earn. The final victory is achieved more easily by following the main mission of the game, that is, gain the greatest possible number of Taller and experience points. To access more facilities will however be appropriate to try to buy with real money some rubies.

To achieve all this you can indulge in wars, duels, quests, looting, jobs, research and anything that provides financial compensation. In the markets you can buy new equipment and healing potions, while in the forge can enhance equip you already have. In BattleKnight, when you have the requirements, you can create a guild or join an existing one, thus increasing your chances of success in battle.
The peculiarity of this MMORPG is to recreate the epic struggle between the forces of good and evil. Every action that takes place within the game affects the Karma of your knight, moving towards one or the other inclination. In both cases, depending on your choice you will have the ability to activate special abilities and get exclusive weapons.
So grab your spear to win a place of honor in the Hall of Fame, and start your adventure with BattleKnight!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

SpaceInvasion - Space Strategy Browser Game

SpaceInvasion is a space strategy simulation Browser Game where you'll be a huge star fleet captain. Like master of your empire you will find the strength to expand it and equip at best your space fleet.

The purpose of SpaceInvasion is precisely to get to dominate the entire galaxy. To do this you must visit and conquer uncharted planets and establish ever more colonies. Will also be fundamental the research of new technologies and especially of raw materials, to be extracted and used for the construction of buildings and spaceships.

Attack and defense: the war of strategic planning is the center of SpaceInvasion. This means that you also must be very careful to protect your infrastructure and resources accumulated. Then you can create massive fleets used for the protection of your territories or alliances with other players to dominate together the space.
The spacecrafts that you will be able to create can be of many types, each one with its specific function (combat, transport, light sensors, etc.), and materials for their construction are also available through a network of interplanetary trade created by the exchange of resources between players.

With hundreds of participants who faced or allied every day you certainly will not get bored, so have fun with SpaceInvasion!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Arenas of Glory - Ancient Rome Online Game

Arenas of Glory is an action Browser game where you'll find in the guise of a gladiator that must be honored in the arena. With amazing graphics, which uses the 3D Flash, you can realistically relive the excitement of competition between real players and wild animals in ancient Rome, to conquer the respect of the people and bring fame and honor reserved for heroes.

The test of courage in the Arenas of Glory involving deadly clashes against lions, bears, elephants and tigers, as well as fights with other players. Each match won and mission accomplished will bring you new honor points, which will give you access to higher levels. Before starting to use the various challenges of the Colosseum, however, you must arm and train your gladiator with dignity.

As soon as you sign in Arenas of Glory you will be asked to choose to be one of the three types of gladiator in the game: Versus, extremely agile and fast, Magnus, determined and good defender, and Priscus, powerful and tenacious fighter. After the first combat test you can return to your accommodation and repair your weapons or buying some new in to the market.
Thus begins your career as a warrior, and prestige is vital to gain the support of the population. With it you can achieve your plans for vengeance to overthrow the cruel and tyrannical emperor who murdered your family and that has made you a slave to Rome.
So do not be afraid to pursue your goal and launch yourself in the most ferocious and bloody battles to implement your plans, and good luck with Arenas of Glory!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gangs of Crime - mafia strategy Browser Game

Gangs of Crime is a strategy Browser Game based on mafia environment of the '30s.
Initially you will enter the country as a petty immigrant, without power or money, but you'll soon realize that these are all in the violent world ruled by the big cartels of the mafia, who have made ​​a living hell for those who don't makes his way into organized crime. For this you will become the boss of your "family" and you will learn to dominate and exploit the whole district up to conquer the whole country.

In Gangs of Crime wealth and power can only be achieved through the dishonest actions: you can take care corruption, drug dealing, prostitution, gambling, smuggling of money, alcohol and other useful materials. To preserve them before resale, you will need a large warehouse and a convoy of contraband for transport.

On Gangs of Crime you will also have at your disposal a team of bodyguards, professional killers, and staff for smaller tasks. To protect them, yourself and your shady dealings in general, you will soon build and make impregnable your headquarters. When this will be very solid, and you will have accumulated enough money, you can dare to launch an attack on an enemy or anyone will be an obstacle.
Only getting rid of the scruples and preparing you to fight fiercely against your opponents, you can gain prestige and respect from the gangsters, the big tycoons chasing success outside the law and the same criminals who are working on your order. In other words, you will need to develop a crime strategy that will bring you to be the uncontested lord of mafia in your corner of hell.

Challenge all the rules and also try your luck on the streets of America to become the most feared boss in Gangs of Crime!

Bounty Hounds Online Mmorpg 2011 Robots

Bounty Hounds Online is the new Game MMORPG released by InnoGames, with a well developed graphic Bounty Hounds Online promises to be a worldwide success.

At the beginning of your adventure you can choose from up to 5 different character classes: Shock Trooper, Heavy Gunner, Brawler Chemical, Engineer and Agent.
Each with distinguishing features such as long-range attack of 'Heavy Gunner to close attak of the Shock Trooper and the support of' Engineer.
The upgrade system still allows the character to change the style infact each skill can be learned by each character.

In addition when you complete one of the first missions you'll be assigned a robot that will be your companion throughout the adventure.
The 3 types of robots are a specialist in long range attacks or melee attacks in a third specialized in support.
Unless you do decide to create your character class Engineer, the robot is more useful and customizable is the support one.

Have fun with Bounty Hounds Online.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Battlefield Heroes (BFH) Free Multiplayer Shooter

Battlefield Heroes (BFH) is a shooter released by Eletronic Arts in June 2009 completely free, you can download the game from EA's official website for free. Watch the videos below to view this fun multiplayer game.

After downloading the game you can play a training mission that will teach you
to move in this game.
For the movement will need to use the keys W, A, S, D, to aim and shoot instead you use the mouse and up and down tanks and artillery units use the E key

At the beginning of the game you can choose between 3 different types of units: Commando, Soldier and Gunner.

Commando specializes in stealth, hit from behind and precision shots. It can be used as primary weapons a sniper rifle, a pistol or a dagger, and has provided only as a secondary weapon the TNT's sticky bomb.
Here the video of a commando particularly strong.

The Soldier is a versatile class that balances speed and armament to the game with skill oriented to team play. It can use the SMG a shotgun or a pistol as primary weapons, and as a secondary or a sticky TNT explosive or grenades.

The Gunner is the most heavily armed of the three classes, but also the slowest in movements. His main weapon is a rapid-fire MG, accompanied by a shotgun. Has available as well as secondary weapon TNT sticky bomb and anti-tank rocket launcher.

After choosing the character you can begin to tackle missions and multiplayer skirmishes.

Ultimately Battlefield Heroes is a fast-paced shooter that's worth a try. Have fun.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Supremacy 1914 strategy Browser game

Supremacy 1914 is a strategy browser game set during the First World War.
Just registered you will be assigned to one of 30 nations in each game, each one with its prprie regions and territories to defend.

The ultimate purpose is obviously to lead your kingdom to the absolute supremacy over the rest of Europe. To do this you must use all your ability of strategist, diplomatic and military, because the game relies heavily on the tactics you will use to achieve the economic and military progress and at the end the total victory.

In Supremacy 1914 each action will be extremely slow, which could be boring for those who do not have much patience, but will allow those who have a passion for strategy games derive enormous satisfaction from a well-planned invasion tactics.

As often happens the resources will be essential to increase his own power: initially you will have some of these available, but you will soon realize that they will not be enough to expand your kingdom. At that point you can decide whether to attack a neighboring nation, forge an alliance with it or exchange the raw materials in a private or public way.
Ultimately Supemacy 1914 is a browser game with a strong strategic component, where the aim is certainly to impose yourself on the other players, winning region after region all their empires, but in doing so you will need to think about a wide range of factors, from position occupied on the map to your economic and defense needs.

So I can only wish you a good fun with Supremacy 1914!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Browser Games 2012

Best Browser Game of 2012 to play with your computer without downloading.

To play click on the image near the description.

Drakensang Online:
an online game with inscription from Bigpoint house of the most played in the world, Drakensang Online is an MMORPG based on action and exploration, where you will face many enemies and will complete hundreds of quests.
You can choose between 3 different characters and upgrade them as you wish to make them unique.

Gladiatus: in this role-playing browser games you'll become a gladiator in the ancient Rome.
On Gladiatus you'll fight in various arenas and climb the charts, you will need to improve the equipment of your gladiator and his team and you will face dangerous missions.

Ikariam: is a browser game set in ancient Greece, where you must create your own city, your fleet and your army to conquer enemy towns.
If you are looking for a game where you can have a long lasting fun, this is the place for you.

Pirate Storm:
is a new free online game of Bigpoint of naval combat with a remarkable 3D graphics. In Pirate Storm you must lead a pirate ship in a sea where everybody fight for supremacy.
Each day you will encounter fierce battles against other players' ships and the fearsome sea monsters created by the computer.

Imperia Online: is one of the most popular strategy browser game, set in a world before the age of gunpowder, in which you must constantly make serious decisions to expand your fortresses, form alliances or strengthen your army.

Oil Empire

Oil Empire is a strategy Browser Game whose aim is to increase his own wealth.
In it you will need to transform, through tactical, work and discipline, in an accomplished oil extractor.

At first you'll have only a small military base from which you will build a true business empire by exploiting the oil resources in the area.

The first thing to do when you start Oil Empire is build a black oil pumping, followed by storage tanks for the same. Then you can dedicate yourself to the creation of a distribution center to which connect their facilities to dispose by sale the oil produced and processed. The construction of buildings is also essential, as is the research of new extraction technologies more efficient.
At the moment of registration at Oil Empire you can choose to play the role of Cadet (the easiest to handle), Diplomatic or Mercenary. The relationship with the other players will be routhless competition: you can deidcate yourself to espionage, combat for the procurement of raw materials and trying to override or eliminate their opponents if they can not be useful for your business.

Have fun with Oil Empire!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Popular Free Online Games

The games I'm about to present are some of the most popular games of the web.
To play click on the image below the short description.

Skyrama: In this fantastic online gaming will become a real administrator of a magnificent airport online. After registering a short tutorial will explain how to use the many features of the game.
If you are looking for a popular game, fun and comfortable at the same time Skyrama is right for you.

Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama: One of the most popular online games in 2011, Farmerama offers to become a farmer.
In this game you build up your farm, sell your products to the market and make it grow as much as possible.

Battlestar Galactica OnlineBattlestar Galactica Online: The best space fighting game available free in the entire Web, created in 2011 in this game you will become the captain of a powerful combat spaceship.

Play Seafight now!Seafight: Another great fighting game with all new graphics developed in 2011. Are you ready to become the captain of a pirate ship and set off to conquer the 7 seas? To help you in this dangerous mission, there will be upgrades to buy and a crew to recruit.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Games for google chrome

The best games for google chrome free and without downloading.
Click on the image under the description of the game to start now.

Skyrama: One of the best online games of 2011, in Skyrama you build and manage your own airport. Creating runways, hangars, fuel stations and facilities for the amusement of your passengers.

Battlestar Galactica OnlineBattlestar Galactica: The all-new free space combat game, with excellent graphics Battlestar Galactica is definitely one of the best games for google chrome.

Play Seafight now!Seafight: With a whole new graphical this fantastic browser game is one of the most played in the world,in Seafight you will become a feared pirate and you will fight other pirates and sea monsters whose sole purpose is to sink your ship.

Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama: One of the best online games of administration that has attracted a huge number of players.
If you want a game where you run a farm Farmerama is the game for you.