Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OGame Online Browser Game

OGame is one of the most played online browser games in history, published in 2002 and developed by Gameforge, was improved in all its aspects during the years up to the current version.


At the beginning of OGame you will be brought to your planet where a tutorial will explain the various commands of the game with short missions that will help you develop faster.

The first thing to do would be to build and improve your mining and energy structures to build up some resources.

The resources are all about OGame and are divided into mineral, crystal and deuterium, exists one other resource the dark matter that can be purchased through special missions or for a fee.

When you have some resources you can begin to develop various technologies, build defensive structures and sites, but more importantly a fleet!

The fleet will serve to protect you from enemy attacks and of course to attack the enemy and steal its resources.

Do not want to spoil your discovery of further Ogame so have fun.