Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Metin2 Free Download English

Metin2 is a free browser game MMORPG produced by Korean company YMIR.


The game requires, such as the majority of MMORPG, to download a file about 1.3 GB.
The setting of Metin2 is in a fantasy world so full of mythical creatures, wizards and warriors.
Watch the trailer for Metin2.

The goal is to complete quests and level up, increasing your own statistics and improving your inventory.
At the beginning of your adventure you can choose from 4 differnt types of characters, each available in both male and female:

Warrior: Perfect for close combat, warriors have a different attack skills. Depending on their specialization, they can wield 2 weapons at hand, or, if you prefer, the defense with sword and shield.

Ninja: Depending on their specialization, they can become powerful archers, or use with ability their knives.

Shaman: They have powerful spells and magics that can help not only themselves, but the whole group. With the development of the character can improve his abilityes to attack or support those.

Sura: the Suras have obtained their magical powers thanks to a pact with the devil. This powerful type of character is able to excel with magic attack and with the sword.

Ultimately Metin2 is undoubtedly an online game that's worth a try.
Enjoy it.