Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gladiatus - Become a Gladiator of Rome

Gladiatus is one of the best browser game ever made, in this game you will become a gladiator of ancient Rome.


At the begin of the adventure you will learn the main controls of the game, then you will start your trip.

On Gladiatus your character must be strengthened in order to overcome the thousands of challenges that this game will offer.

To do this you will need to improve your statistics and your equipment:

The statistics are 6 and may be increased in the training section. The increase of each statistic will cost a different amount of gold: at the beginning the price will be low, but slowly and surely this will rise.

The pieces of equipment are 9 (including the sword, shield, gloves, armor, etc...), and each of them will give you a defense or attack bonus. The objects higher than level 10 will give you special improvements, very useful to enhance your character.

To earn gold, which you can use to improve equipment and statistics, you can do shipments (after level 10 you will have access also to the secret), work in the stable (very useful for when you do not play), do the merchant or challenge other players in the arena.
Crossing these 4 methods you will soon be able to develop and set aside a lot of money to participate in the auctions. In them you will find the best items at relatively low prices with the only flaw that, if you are outbid, you will not have your money back.

Duration of the auction Gladiatus:

extralong: a maximum of 2 hours;
long: 2 hours
average: 2 hours
short: 1 hour and 30 minutes
short: 30 minutes