Sunday, November 6, 2011

Download Free Games 2012

The best games in 2012 can be downloaded on your PC free.
Click on the image to start the game.

Air Rivals: The best free game of combat aircraft. Once downloaded you can sail the skies of Air Rivals with your hunt, shoot down swarms of enemies, upgrade weapons and armor. But what's better than a video to present a game?

Nostale: A MMORPG fun to share with many people like you. Here you must choose your character from 3 different classes, power up and equip it with the best objects. Particular attention was given to upgrading the equipment and will be very difficult to reach the highest levels. With a map on which is to say the least huge, Nostale is one of the best free games to download.

4Story: One of the best and most played online games, choose your character from 6 different races and equip it with the best objects, then participates in the daily battles of the 3 kingdoms and learn dozens of different abilities by defeating hundreds of enemies. This is 4Story!

Wizard 101: One of the best RPG games of the moment that mixes the world of  cards and the world of magic. This game is suitable for all family.Wizard 101 has just been published by Gameforge, a leading European multi-player games.