Monday, November 28, 2011

Games Mmorpg 2012

The best MMORPG games of 2012 to play free on your PC.

All games listed require the download of the game and registration.


Wizard 101: is the best MMORPG for the whole family available.
This wonderful game combines the features of an RPG and the world of cards, the game is free with the option to purchase benefits in exchange for real money.
Click play to watch the video presentation:
Drakensang Online: one of the free MMO most played in the world, Drakensang Online is an RPG characterized by action and exploration, where you will face many enemies and complete hundreds of quests. You can choose between 3 different characters and upgrade them as you wish to make them unique. Pirate Storm: is the new multiplayer online role-playing game of Bigpoint, with a great 3D graphics in a fantasy setting. In Pirate Storm you'll be the captain of a pirate ship ready to do anything to conquer the seven seas. Each day you will encounter fierce battles against other players' ships and the fearsome sea monsters. Metin2: the ultimate fighting MMORPG, is the most played online game in Europe, if you have not already tried the board to do so immediately. Over the years this game has much improved. The goal is to complete quests and level up, increasing your own statistics and improving your inventory. 4Story: is a MMORPG set in a 3D world of fantasy filled with monsters, fairies, magicians and thousands of other players. At the beginning of your adventure you got to choose your character from three different races: humans, beasts and fairy, each one with special powers and abilities that can be enhanced during your adventure. Have fun with the best MMORPG of 2012.

Friday, November 25, 2011

4Story Download English

4Story is a massive online role play game, also said MMORPG.


This game was produced by Zemi Int and distributed by Gameforge.

Set in a 3D world of fantasy filled with monsters, fairies, magicians and thousands of other players.

At the beginning of your adventure on 4Story you can choose between 3 different races humans, cats and fairies, each of which has different statistics such as: Humans are the fastest, the fairies are the most intelligent and cats are the strongest in close combat.

In addition you must choose a class between fewer than 6 possibilities.
In line with your style of play and careful selection can determine whether your character will be successful or not.

The goal is to complete quests, develop skills and stats of your character, and improve the equipment.


I almost forgot: is the eighth most played online game in the world.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Metin2 Free Download English

Metin2 is a free browser game MMORPG produced by Korean company YMIR.


The game requires, such as the majority of MMORPG, to download a file about 1.3 GB.
The setting of Metin2 is in a fantasy world so full of mythical creatures, wizards and warriors.
Watch the trailer for Metin2.

The goal is to complete quests and level up, increasing your own statistics and improving your inventory.
At the beginning of your adventure you can choose from 4 differnt types of characters, each available in both male and female:

Warrior: Perfect for close combat, warriors have a different attack skills. Depending on their specialization, they can wield 2 weapons at hand, or, if you prefer, the defense with sword and shield.

Ninja: Depending on their specialization, they can become powerful archers, or use with ability their knives.

Shaman: They have powerful spells and magics that can help not only themselves, but the whole group. With the development of the character can improve his abilityes to attack or support those.

Sura: the Suras have obtained their magical powers thanks to a pact with the devil. This powerful type of character is able to excel with magic attack and with the sword.

Ultimately Metin2 is undoubtedly an online game that's worth a try.
Enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OGame Online Browser Game

OGame is one of the most played online browser games in history, published in 2002 and developed by Gameforge, was improved in all its aspects during the years up to the current version.


At the beginning of OGame you will be brought to your planet where a tutorial will explain the various commands of the game with short missions that will help you develop faster.

The first thing to do would be to build and improve your mining and energy structures to build up some resources.

The resources are all about OGame and are divided into mineral, crystal and deuterium, exists one other resource the dark matter that can be purchased through special missions or for a fee.

When you have some resources you can begin to develop various technologies, build defensive structures and sites, but more importantly a fleet!

The fleet will serve to protect you from enemy attacks and of course to attack the enemy and steal its resources.

Do not want to spoil your discovery of further Ogame so have fun.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gladiatus - Become a Gladiator of Rome

Gladiatus is one of the best browser game ever made, in this game you will become a gladiator of ancient Rome.


At the begin of the adventure you will learn the main controls of the game, then you will start your trip.

On Gladiatus your character must be strengthened in order to overcome the thousands of challenges that this game will offer.

To do this you will need to improve your statistics and your equipment:

The statistics are 6 and may be increased in the training section. The increase of each statistic will cost a different amount of gold: at the beginning the price will be low, but slowly and surely this will rise.

The pieces of equipment are 9 (including the sword, shield, gloves, armor, etc...), and each of them will give you a defense or attack bonus. The objects higher than level 10 will give you special improvements, very useful to enhance your character.

To earn gold, which you can use to improve equipment and statistics, you can do shipments (after level 10 you will have access also to the secret), work in the stable (very useful for when you do not play), do the merchant or challenge other players in the arena.
Crossing these 4 methods you will soon be able to develop and set aside a lot of money to participate in the auctions. In them you will find the best items at relatively low prices with the only flaw that, if you are outbid, you will not have your money back.

Duration of the auction Gladiatus:

extralong: a maximum of 2 hours;
long: 2 hours
average: 2 hours
short: 1 hour and 30 minutes
short: 30 minutes


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Download Free Games 2012

The best games in 2012 can be downloaded on your PC free.
Click on the image to start the game.

Air Rivals: The best free game of combat aircraft. Once downloaded you can sail the skies of Air Rivals with your hunt, shoot down swarms of enemies, upgrade weapons and armor. But what's better than a video to present a game?

Nostale: A MMORPG fun to share with many people like you. Here you must choose your character from 3 different classes, power up and equip it with the best objects. Particular attention was given to upgrading the equipment and will be very difficult to reach the highest levels. With a map on which is to say the least huge, Nostale is one of the best free games to download.

4Story: One of the best and most played online games, choose your character from 6 different races and equip it with the best objects, then participates in the daily battles of the 3 kingdoms and learn dozens of different abilities by defeating hundreds of enemies. This is 4Story!

Wizard 101: One of the best RPG games of the moment that mixes the world of  cards and the world of magic. This game is suitable for all family.Wizard 101 has just been published by Gameforge, a leading European multi-player games.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tanoth Online

Tanoth Online is a free browser game published by Gameforge and translated in 32 languages​​.

To play Tanoth online click HERE.

After a short registration will begin your adventure into the world of Tanoth where you got to complete quests, challenge other players in bloody duels and joining a guild.

One of the most important parts of this game is your equipment that you can buy from the merchant, or get as a reward during your adventures.
Another basic aspect are your stats: strength, dexterity, constitution and intelligence.
They can be trained with the gold you earn during missions, or with particular heroic actions.

I do not want to further ruin the discovery of this game and I wish you good fun.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cabal Online Download

Cabal Online is one of the best MMORPG developed by the South Korean company ESTsoft.

To download Cabal Online click HERE.

This game is set in the mythical world of Nevareth, which was destroyed by an evil entity known as Cabal.

Once done the download you got choose your character from 6 different classes: warrior, blader, mage,force archer, force blader and force shielder.

Each class has the special ability that makes them more suitable for a certain type of game but gaining experience points you can enhance the features of the character to your liking.

Watch the video presentation here:

The 3 features that you can improve are strength, intelligence and dexterity.
All important for proper development of a character but boost more a feature at the expense of other can allow you to create a charter even stronger.