Monday, September 5, 2011

Supremacy 1914 strategy Browser game

Supremacy 1914 is a strategy browser game set during the First World War.
Just registered you will be assigned to one of 30 nations in each game, each one with its prprie regions and territories to defend.

The ultimate purpose is obviously to lead your kingdom to the absolute supremacy over the rest of Europe. To do this you must use all your ability of strategist, diplomatic and military, because the game relies heavily on the tactics you will use to achieve the economic and military progress and at the end the total victory.

In Supremacy 1914 each action will be extremely slow, which could be boring for those who do not have much patience, but will allow those who have a passion for strategy games derive enormous satisfaction from a well-planned invasion tactics.

As often happens the resources will be essential to increase his own power: initially you will have some of these available, but you will soon realize that they will not be enough to expand your kingdom. At that point you can decide whether to attack a neighboring nation, forge an alliance with it or exchange the raw materials in a private or public way.
Ultimately Supemacy 1914 is a browser game with a strong strategic component, where the aim is certainly to impose yourself on the other players, winning region after region all their empires, but in doing so you will need to think about a wide range of factors, from position occupied on the map to your economic and defense needs.

So I can only wish you a good fun with Supremacy 1914!