Sunday, September 11, 2011

SpaceInvasion - Space Strategy Browser Game

SpaceInvasion is a space strategy simulation Browser Game where you'll be a huge star fleet captain. Like master of your empire you will find the strength to expand it and equip at best your space fleet.

The purpose of SpaceInvasion is precisely to get to dominate the entire galaxy. To do this you must visit and conquer uncharted planets and establish ever more colonies. Will also be fundamental the research of new technologies and especially of raw materials, to be extracted and used for the construction of buildings and spaceships.

Attack and defense: the war of strategic planning is the center of SpaceInvasion. This means that you also must be very careful to protect your infrastructure and resources accumulated. Then you can create massive fleets used for the protection of your territories or alliances with other players to dominate together the space.
The spacecrafts that you will be able to create can be of many types, each one with its specific function (combat, transport, light sensors, etc.), and materials for their construction are also available through a network of interplanetary trade created by the exchange of resources between players.

With hundreds of participants who faced or allied every day you certainly will not get bored, so have fun with SpaceInvasion!