Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oil Empire

Oil Empire is a strategy Browser Game whose aim is to increase his own wealth.
In it you will need to transform, through tactical, work and discipline, in an accomplished oil extractor.

At first you'll have only a small military base from which you will build a true business empire by exploiting the oil resources in the area.

The first thing to do when you start Oil Empire is build a black oil pumping, followed by storage tanks for the same. Then you can dedicate yourself to the creation of a distribution center to which connect their facilities to dispose by sale the oil produced and processed. The construction of buildings is also essential, as is the research of new extraction technologies more efficient.
At the moment of registration at Oil Empire you can choose to play the role of Cadet (the easiest to handle), Diplomatic or Mercenary. The relationship with the other players will be routhless competition: you can deidcate yourself to espionage, combat for the procurement of raw materials and trying to override or eliminate their opponents if they can not be useful for your business.

Have fun with Oil Empire!