Friday, September 16, 2011

Hellbreed Guide Online Game

Hellbreed new browser game by Gameforge, similar to Diablo 2, Hellbreed has a chance to become one of the most played games of the web.


At the beginning of your adventure you choose the type of character you want to become:

The Warrior with high standards of life, constitution and strength can wear all kinds of weapons and armor, but got very poor ability in magic.
It's good defense makes him a target very difficult to break down during the battles, therefore, is recommended as first character, just to get some feel with the game.

The Slayer master of the bow and the crossbow with the parameters very balanced, only the dexterity of this character excels, the fee is able to evoke any kind of a beast at his command such as wolves, bears, giant millipedes, and swarms of killer bees .

The Aries mixes magic with the physical attack, because the Aries has very good magic ability and is able to install in the fields of battle fearsome siege machines able to massacre many enemy monsters.

Choosed the character a short tutorial will teach you the main features of the game.

The purpose of this game is to traverse the worlds killing the enemies who get in your way and collecting various items that them drop, which can be objects for your equipment as weapons, helmets, armor, etc. ... Or, golds, needed by the merchant to buy all kinds of objects and more.
From time to time in the field of battle you will find the "shards of the world",that are the very rare blue trinkets that will allow you to move to the next dimension.
For example, to switch from first to second world you need 4 of them, 7 from second to third, and so on.

In addition each monster you kill will give you the EXP (experience points) that will allow you to level up and get a skill point.

One of the more interesting parts of Hellbreed is the equipment infact will be the items equipped to make a difference on the battlefield more then your skill.
The objects are divided into 4 categories: White, Green, Blue and Purple

Those whites do not possess special skills, but only the values ​​of defense in case of armor and attack in case of weapons.
Those Green, Blue and Purple are magical and equipping them will give you bonuses.
The yellow writing on objects such as Dexterity + 20 increases your dexterity by 20 points, the orange is referred to your incresed damage, and blue to the defiance.

Being able to equip a character entirely of purple objects is extremely difficult but it certainly will provide you much satisfaction.

Have fun with Hellbreed.

If you want help to write this guide write in the comments what you want and will be added soon.