Friday, September 9, 2011

Gangs of Crime - mafia strategy Browser Game

Gangs of Crime is a strategy Browser Game based on mafia environment of the '30s.
Initially you will enter the country as a petty immigrant, without power or money, but you'll soon realize that these are all in the violent world ruled by the big cartels of the mafia, who have made ​​a living hell for those who don't makes his way into organized crime. For this you will become the boss of your "family" and you will learn to dominate and exploit the whole district up to conquer the whole country.

In Gangs of Crime wealth and power can only be achieved through the dishonest actions: you can take care corruption, drug dealing, prostitution, gambling, smuggling of money, alcohol and other useful materials. To preserve them before resale, you will need a large warehouse and a convoy of contraband for transport.

On Gangs of Crime you will also have at your disposal a team of bodyguards, professional killers, and staff for smaller tasks. To protect them, yourself and your shady dealings in general, you will soon build and make impregnable your headquarters. When this will be very solid, and you will have accumulated enough money, you can dare to launch an attack on an enemy or anyone will be an obstacle.
Only getting rid of the scruples and preparing you to fight fiercely against your opponents, you can gain prestige and respect from the gangsters, the big tycoons chasing success outside the law and the same criminals who are working on your order. In other words, you will need to develop a crime strategy that will bring you to be the uncontested lord of mafia in your corner of hell.

Challenge all the rules and also try your luck on the streets of America to become the most feared boss in Gangs of Crime!