Sunday, September 18, 2011

FarmVille - strategy Facebook game

FarmVille is a Real-Time Strategy Browser Game available on Facebook, a massively multiplayer online of Zynga.
In this game you can simulate the life of a farmer, raising various animals and cultivating plants, trees, vegetables and everything that you will grow in your soil.

In FarmVille, to owning an animal, you can buy, adopt or receive it as gifts, and each one of them will offer its specific products that will raise your level money.
For each crop, however, you must calculate the cost of the plant, the ripening time and the gain realized, but you also have to give serious consideration to the experience that this process creates for the player.

To climb the 100 official levels you have to accrue experience points. One of the many ways to do this, extremely profitable, is to invite the friends on Facebook to become your neighbors in FarmVille, going to visit them to give suggestions and support in the initial construction of their farm.
Having friends in this game is also useful because you may exchange some gifts, saving money and using the fact that many of these objects, plants and animals would still not be affordable in the market. In addition, at least eight neighbors, you will have the opportunity to buy new land by increasing your performance.
Develop your skills in planting and harvesting, and breeding your pets with care. Only in this way they will yield, and you can experience the pleasure of the virtual agriculture in a world so treacherous as bucolic like FarmVille!